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Aircraft are created in Factories and used by Pilots to find, bomb, and loot ore thief bases. Aircraft can only be created in factories, but can be bought and sold on the open market. Pilots are required to have 40 melds and can fly up to 4 planes at a time. For each additional 10 melds a pilot obtains, they receive the ability to fly one additional plane.

There are three types of aircraft: Search Plane, Bomber, and Helicopter. The pilot should be mindful at all times of the thieves' AA guns, and perhaps obtain a shield gadget to reduce the chances of being shot down. Pilots must first send out their Search Plane to locate the enemy base. Once discovered, the pilot can send in the Bombers with up to 4 bombs in each. There are two types of bombs from which the pilot can choose: the Flower, a small bomb; and the Thumper which is a large bomb. It will take several bombing runs to destroy the enemy base, but once it has been completely destroyed the pilot is free to send in the Helicopters to recover the ore. Each Helicopter has the capability of carrying up to 4 pieces of ore at a time. Once the ore has been completely depleted from the base, the process begins again by sending out the Search Planes in hopes of finding the next base.