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Equipment is used to improve your BPH (buckets per hour). Equipment is available in 6 colors and comes in seven different types (Drill, Pickaxe, Light, Cart, Boots, Toolbelt and Hardhat) ranging from:
Legendary Light
  • Flimsy (+1)
  • Standard (+2)
  • Hardy (+3)
  • Crafted (+4)
  • Fabled (+5)
  • Legendary (+7)

There is no chest piece - instead, there are special MR-bots made in factories that take up this role, although they have a very different effect than other equipment.

Each bot (1 bot per mine) uses different equipment. Your top priority mine will be mined with the best equipment available in that city, the second mine with the second best etc. Each bot can only use 1 of each type of equipment, and extra equipment does not benefit you after all your bots are equipped. You have 3 bots total - a 4th one can be gotten from using a remote control gadget, but this bot cannot use equipment.

If you want a major boost to your mining speed, purchasing an extra mine (via gold or credits) is a good idea. A mine can be very expensive, using an unused mine 'slot' is the equivalent of having SIX pieces of "Fabled" level equipment.


BPH or buckets per hour is the rate that you mine at. If you have a BPH of 40, you will dig out 40 buckets of dirt an hour. For approximately every 180 buckets mined you will find something. Each bucket of dirt has a chance of containing an item, so the higher your BPH the more items you will get.

There are various ways to improve your BPH:

  • Better equipment (up to 49 BPH extra per mine)
  • Oil (up to 10 BPH extra per mine)
  • Remote control gadget (25 extra BPH, but requires a 4th mine)
  • Hammer gadget (25% extra BPH, but only to BPH gotten from equipment)
  • Stones (0.5 BPH per cleared stone)
    • Stones only apply to the top mine in your home city - if you do not have a mine there, the BPH does not get used!

This means your total BPH ranges from 25 (1 mine with no equipment) to 344.75, with up to 117.25 BPH per mine.

There are various other ways to increase the rate at which you find items: