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If you are a beginner and have no idea what to do, this guide will help you get started by giving you a few pointers and some goals to aim for.


What is this coupon you speak of? The coupon is good for a temporary second starter mine that will last one week. Ask in chat for the special coupon code then go to the SHOP page to enter it ;) HURRY, though, you can only use it within your first week on a server (you can play all servers, but can only use the coupon on one server)! Choose wisely, pick the newest server. You can change servers by clicking CITIES, then click Change Server.

1. Mine Gold

The first thing you should do is switch your starter mine to mining gold. The reason for this is that the starter market has a huge amount of excess items. A yellow starter item will normally take an incredibly long time to sell and you will only get you 1g, while mining gold will give you 1-4g (minimum) each time with no waiting for items to sell. Rarer items are worth more than their equivalent gold finds, eg. 600g gold find would be equivalent to a purple item worth worth more than 600 gold, but mining gold gives you a reliable income to use, and is therefore recommended for at least the first while. You can switch to mining gold by clicking FINDINGS, then click in the circle next to mine gold.

2. Get Equipment

You should try to get a full set of mining Equipment. This will speed up your mining significantly, and more finds = more gold.

3. Get 10 Melds

After you have a full flimsy or standard set of equipment try and get 10 melds. 10 is the most you will normally need at this stage of the game, but if you are not very active or have trouble keeping your battery going, it might be worth getting more melds as each meld increases your total battery by one hour.

3. Explore

While you are getting 10 melds buy a cheap vehicle (speed is key) and send it out to explore other cities. Seeing all the cities allows you to watch different markets and it makes the game much more interesting. When exploring set your profession to trader, as that is the safest vehicle profession (and the only one you can use for now). Once you have 10 melds, you can be a merchant. A merchant is essentially a trader, but with ships. This allows you to use ships and discover the rest of the cities on the map.

3.5. Check Out The Forums and Chat

Another thing you could be doing right now is read and post in the forums. The forum is a great place where you get to interact with all of the other players, discuss ideas and suggest things that you think should be added to the game (although it would be wise not to make suggestions straight away). You can also talk directly to other players on the "MINERS" page, a great place to ask questions. The first time you post in Chat you will clear the Chatted stone and add 1/2 bph to the top mine in your home city :)

4. Make gold

There are plenty of ways to make gold on MineThings. You could try buying stuff for cheap in your home city and being patient and listing it a higher price, or you could take the things you buy for cheap in your home city, and move them to another city where you might be able to sell them for a higher price. If you don't have a lot of time, you could try out being a worker, but this is not recommended due to extreme boredom. Once you get your vehicles/ships set up nicely you could try extorting bribes from a Highwayman. Or be a Highwayman yourself and pillage the routes, which can be very profitable. The list goes on, each profession has it's own way of making gold, give each of them a try and see what you like doing best.

5. Save For Better Equipment

Now that you have all flimsy, 10 melds and have another income source, you should save up for better equipment. If you can get your BPH up you will be getting more finds, and more finds is more money! Try and buy the cheaper pieces first - it may not be worth getting the more expensive ones in a tier, they are all equal for increasing your BPH. You can get better deals by placing bids instead of paying list price if you have the patience. If you've made it this far, you must have some patience..

6. Mine Things

Now that you have decent equipment and at least 10 melds, you may want to switch to mining things. This is a matter of choice and there is some controversy over when to switch to mining things. My view is once you are have a good enough start that you don't need the constant income from mining gold, then you'll benefit much more from the value of a rare find as opposed to it's equivalent gold find. I switched to mining things (too late) at around 40 melds after finding several very large gold finds in a row.

7. Get A Second Mine

Things will begin to take more time and be more expensive now as you have most of the basic items. Currently, you are mining 1 mine; this means your rate of mining will be very low. You should try saving up for a new mine. The best mine to get is a second starter mine. It will take a long time to get hundreds or thousands of gold (prices vary per server) for a second starter mine, but it will double your rate of mining. A quicker way to do this would be to get a loan. If you ask on the forum a kind bigger player may lend you 3k for another starter mine. If you get a loan you will slowly pay it back over time, but with your increased rate of mining it will be a lot faster than if you were saving up. With the addition of Banking as a profession, negotiating your loan is as easy as clicking the Banking tab on the left and filling out a loan application with the Bank(s) of your choice. Another option for a second mine is with a Player to player rental.

8. There's No Reason To Be Bored On Minethings

These are just a few of the many things you can do to keep you busy:

  • Looking for good trading opportunities.
  • Trying to get more melds so you can reach the top.
  • Frequently inspecting other people's items, bids, and listings so you can find out how to do #1 and #2.
  • Suggest things you would like in the game on the forum.
  • Selling the items you mine.
  • Upgrading your mining bots' equipment.
  • Winning a bidding war.
  • Winning a listing war.
  • Sending and receiving PMs.
  • Sending ships/vehicles.
  • Chatting on the forums or the IRC chat.
  • Working in a factory.
  • Reading other sections of the Wiki for in depth info on pvp battles and everything else here.
  • Experimenting and having fun with new patches and future releases :)

If you have followed this guide, you should be doing okay. Have fun and enjoy playing MT :)