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For a map & listing of cities of the other servers, [[Servers|click here]].
For a map & listing of cities of the other servers, [[Servers|click here]].

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For a map & listing of cities of the other servers, click here.



Cities are what make up Minethings, they are where you trade, mine, and make melds, and can be accessed with either vehicles or ships. You get a +.5 bph mining bonus per cleared stone for the top mine in your home city.

Fort Lynn

This is the default city for new players to the Bromo server. As of 2/27/2011, it's a fairly busy trade hub, presumably due to it being a popular home city.

The following mines can be found here:


Sharing a land mass with Fort Lynn, Icebirch is a bustling port where players can load up on equipment, bait, vehicles, and other popular items.

The following mines can be found here:


Occupying the second land mass along with Ore Valley, Bonosari is a very popular crossroads. In addition to its central map location, it is also home to the Ship and Cannon mines which are crucial for gathering military strength, making it quite a popular place for players to switch their Home City to.

The following mines can be found here:

Ore Valley

The last major city is Ore Valley, a distant but profitable location that, while out of the way, can provide some of the game's most lucrative trading opportunities. This is the only place that Ore used in manufacturing can be mined.

The following mines can be found here:


Ore can be mined in any mine in Ore Valley. It replaces the "mine gold" option on the findings page. It can be used to make [factories]], special mining robots, aircraft, some melds, and to repair damaged items that are found with special mining robots.

Bush Bank, Hunter Island and Jove Cove

These three cities have no mines, no market, and with generally no players living in either one. Currently, their only purpose is to offer an alternative route to traders who want to take the less obvious route, lowering their chances of being pirated.

Moving Cities

Moving cities is not to be undertaken lightly. However, it will almost certainly prove beneficial to you to do so at some point in the game. At the moment, there is no reason to move to Trader Tree or Pirate Peak, so do not even consider such a move. For a quick guide to moving click this link: Moving.


Bromo map.png
Fort Lynn Bush Bank Icebirch Hunter Island Bonosari Jove Cove Ore Valley
Fort Lynn 160 km 300 km 400 km 120 km
Bush Bank 160 km 205 km
Icebirch 300 km 400 km 205 km 280km
Hunter Island 120 km 190 km
Bonosari 280 km 190km 160 km
Jove Cove 160 km 380 km
Ore Valley 380 km