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Cities are what make up Minethings, they are where you trade, mine, and make melds, and can be accessed with either vehicles or ships. You get a +.5 bph mining bonus per cleared stone for the top mine in your home city.


Starting city of Calbuco

The following mines can be found here:


The following mines can be found here:

Franco Thistle

The following mines can be found here:



Ore can be mined in any mine in Massua. It replaces the "mine gold" option on the findings page. It can be used to make [factories]], special mining robots, aircraft, some melds, and to repair damaged items that are found with the special MR bots.

Anita Harbor and Jct. Butte

These two cities have no mines, no market, and with generally no players living in either one. Currently, their only purpose is to offer an alternative route to traders who want to take the less obvious route, lowering their chances of being pirated. For example, if you wanted to transport something safely from Alssa to Danchesser, you could go Alssa to Jct. Butte then from Jct. Butte to Danchesser, to be safe. These alternate routes do add some extra distance to your trip.

Moving Cities

Moving cities is not to be undertaken lightly. However, it will almost certainly prove beneficial to you to do so at some point in the game. At the moment, there is no reason to move to Anita Harbor or Jct. Butte, so do not even consider such a move. For a quick guide to moving click this link: Moving.


I don't know the distances so can't make map/fill in table --Zaikantos 11:09, 22 July 2013 (UTC)

Alssa Jct. Butte Danchesser Franco Thistle Massua Anita Harbor
Alssa 220 km 500 km 500 km
Jct. Butte 220 km 330 km 360 km
Danchesser 500 km 330 km 600 km 825 km 600 km
Franco Thistle 500 km 360 km 600 km 490 km 825 km
Massua 825 km 490 km 660 km
Anita Harbor 600 km 825 km 660 km