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In Minethings to do pretty much anything you have to use items. This is an explanation of items, what they do and other information about them. There are a few different categories of items: Melds, Routes and Boosts. Some items come under multiple categories. To view all the items and categories you can just click the "Mines" tab in the game (found in the horizontal menu bar).


The categories of items are as follows:

Melds: Starter, Bugs, Equipment, Spice, Music, Fish.

Meld items are used for one thing: To make melds. A meld is a special combination of items (you can see all possible melds at the bottom of each mines page) that can be combined. When you make a meld all the items used disappear, but you never have to make the meld again. Melds are one of the main goals in MT - They unlock new professions and features, increase your battery, and give advantages in combat, as well as a few other bonuses.

Routes: Vehicles, Weapons, Ships, Cannons, Bait, Aircraft.

Route items are used on the routes, or for the PvP part of the game. Vehicles and ships are used to travel between cities, weapons and cannons are used to arm your vehicles/ships so you can attack other players or defend your cargo. Bait is used on ships to fish, and Aircraft are used to bomb the Ore Theives' Base.

Boosts: Equipment, Gadgets, Explosives, Ore, Robots, Avatars, Machines.

Boost items give you a boost in some way. Equipment increases your BPH, so you find more items. Gadgets give you a variety of short time boosts, explosives instantly find items, ore is used to create things in factories, robots find damaged items for you, and avatars look cool and give +25 inventory space.


All things in the game come from being mined. Every single player has a robot which is constantly mining for items, in whatever mines they have active. Significant data has been recorded about this, and you can confidently say that you will get 1 item on average every 180-185 buckets mined. While this means it will take 6+ hours per item at the beginning of the game, it does speed up to 20, 30 even 40 items a day when you have more mines and better equipment.

There are also 6 different levels of item rarity, starting lowest to highest: Yellow, green, blue, red, purple, orange. As far as we can tell items have the same rarity across all mines:

  • Yellow: 85.38%
  • Green: 12.50%
  • Blue: 1.80%
  • Red: 0.28%
  • Purple: 0.04% or 1/2 500
  • Orange: 0.01% or 1/20 000

The rarer item % chance isn't quite as accurate due to less data available, as not as many have been found.

To mine items faster you can use explosives. Explosives instantaneously find items upon use. Be warned though, explosives are currently not cost effective for new players.

To find out more about items just follow the links below.


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