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Melds are the "trophies" of Minethings. Players can combine items they receive in various combinations to create a meld. Melds are liquidized back into their components if the player chooses to move cities - other than that, there is no way to break apart a meld once it is created. Each meld created increases your meld-count by 1, which is displayed next to players' usernames.

Currently melds control a few aspects of the game. Melds unlock professions, gadgets, and function as a kind of status symbol within the game. What's the fun of a game if there isn't a bit of competition involved, right?

Getting to 20 melds and sending a decent ship out towards the great ? on the map will reveal a city named Daigard. Early adventurers had to span the great distance with a lowly raft at 5 km/hr.

Beyond 20 melds there is currently no purpose to having a high meld count, though it has been hinted that an upcoming patch will change that...