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Melds are a way of scoring and seeing your progress in Mine Things. A meld is a collection of items that are combined together. When you make a meld the items have to all be in your home city, and you have to have every item in the meld (no partial or incomplete melds). Each meld is worth 1 meld point, which is the way of showing how many melds you have. Melds have different colors, depending upon the rarity of items used in the meld. Different colors do not affect the amount of meld points you get.

Melds are the "trophies" of Minethings. Players can combine items they receive in various combinations to create a meld. A player can choose to liquidize a meld into its components after a player moves cities. This isn´t required, but a player can´t move while he has broken melds. Other than that, there is no way to break apart a meld once it is created. Each meld created increases your meld-count by 1, which is displayed next to players' usernames.

Meld Boosts

Currently melds control a few aspects of the game. For every meld you own, your maximum battery life will be increased by 1 hour, and melds unlock professions, and function as a kind of status symbol within the game. What's the fun of a game if there isn't a bit of competition involved, right?

Every 1 meld: You get 1h of battery. Bankers with greater meld counts get their bank placed higher on the list of Banks. Bums with greater meld counts win greater amounts of bummable items

Every 2 melds: On the land, your Green+ vehicles get + melds/2 bonus to Armor. Example: a 20 meld player will get a bonus of 10 Armor to each vehicle with rank of Green or higher.

Every 5 melds: On the ocean, your ships hull is increase by melds/5 %. Example: A 50 meld player's ships will have 10% more hull, or 10 more hull per 100. This is not effected by the shield.

Every 10 melds: Boosts both of the Factory Professions and pilots. Workers gain 1 cph (component(s) per hour) with every 10 melds, making them more valuable employees. Manufacturers' factories produce more efficient mining bots with every 10 melds they possess, which are capable of finding damaged items on top of the normal finds. Pilot get to use 1 more aircraft for every melds they have, starting at 4 aircraft with 40 melds.

Every 20 melds: Chat color changes. At 0-19 melds chat color is gray, 20-39 is yellow, 40-59 is blue, 60-79 is red,

The Medal Detector gadget shows how much a meld will cost, as well as a page for the top 10 cheapest meld in your home city.

Meld Item Locations

Aso Bromo Calbuco Dempo
Harmond Mines
Fort Lynn Mines
Alssa Mines
Esmi Mines
Burbana Mines
Bonosari Mines
Franco Thistle Mines
Fahtkee Mines
Cissna Mines
Icebirch Mines
Massua Mines
Lyhase Mines
Ore Valley Mines Qido Mines