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This is your guide to spending credits wisely. You can spend credits on several things: Buying mines, renting mines, inventory expansions, battery extensions, or even to make an announcement on the home page. Spending credits, even just a little bit, can give you a big head start in Minethings. I suggest taking a look at this and deciding on what your goals are going to be. The more expensive options are combat professions, as vehicles and ships mines are a bit more expensive. Here is a quick look at mine prices credits wise:

You can also be a pretty big force in the combat professions if you get yourself a mod(land)/cannon(sea)/Weapons(both) mine. If you combine these with the ships/vehicles you'll be ready for some combat in no time.

If you are going to be a legitimate fisherman, you are going to need a bait mine. With a bait mine, you won't have to pay for your own bait, so each catch you make is pure profit.

If you want a safe bet/a way to make gold reliably, a consumable mine is a good choice. The three consumable mines now are Explosives, Gadgets, and Machines. I am also a fan of the equipment mine as it also boosts itself and your other mines and is a good money maker.

Another thing you could do, which is a little more budget friendly, is get a melds mine(bugs/music) and you'll have a decent money maker with trading your items.

Now, the Avatars mine is not going to make you a lot of gold except at the start of a new server. A large percentage of people only invest the smallest amount possible buying the 3 items necessary for the inventory bonus by having an avatar. So do not buy this mine if you are looking to make a lot of gold. Do buy this mine, if you would like to have a high chance at discovering something, or to just set yourself up with a cool looking avatar. You will find people who are interested in certain pieces as well.

If you really need gold, credits can help there as well. You can either buy a mine and then sell it right away for gold, or you could invest in the highly sought after inventory expansions. Inventory expansions are extremely helpful, and investing up to where you at least have a space of 200 is recommended.


Credits are what fund Minethings, and can be used to purchase things in the shop. You can buy credits by going to the "Shop" tab, and clicking the link "Buy More Credits". Credits prices are 10% cheaper when purchased with bitcoins!

There are other ways to earn credits besides buying them. They are:

  • submitting artwork that gets accepted. You will receive 200 credits for each piece of artwork you submit that gets accepted
  • referring others to the site using your unique link found by clicking the "Facebook" tab. You will receive 1/3 of all credits that are purchased by your referrals.