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Below is a table listing every discovery for which we have records, starting from November 26th  
Below is aN OUTDATED table listing every discovery for which we have records, starting from November 26th  
2008. The information can be ordered by date, discoverer, color, item name, or the mine it came  
2008. The information can be ordered by date, discoverer, color, item name, or the mine it came  

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Below is aN OUTDATED table listing every discovery for which we have records, starting from November 26th 2008. The information can be ordered by date, discoverer, color, item name, or the mine it came from.

Thing Mine Color Discovery Miner Discovery Date
Piano Music Purple bolfen 10/04/2010
Harpsichord Music Purple demonduo 09/29/2010
Auditorium Background Avatar Blue Fiseguri 09/26/2010
Damaged 8-core Gaming Computer Starter Blue HoboScience 09/20/2010
Damaged Fabled Pickaxe Equipment Purple JZender 09/19/2010
Damaged Curtains Cannons Blue jaxonrice 09/16/2010
Damaged Washing Machine Starter Blue HoboScience 09/13/2010
Damaged Organ Music Blue bolfen 09/08/2010
Damaged Wolf Spider Bug Red morganmiller52 09/08/2010
Damaged Pill Bug Bug Blue Foolproof 09/08/2010
Damaged Timpani Music Blue bolfen 09/04/2010
Damaged Iron Turbo Engine Gadgets Blue Dusty 09/04/2010
Damaged Xylophone Music Blue bolfen 09/03/2010
Damaged Lead Pipe Weapons Blue navan 08/30/2010
Damaged Diamond-studded phone Starter Red HoboScience 08/30/2010
Damaged Dragonfly Bug Blue Foolproof 08/30/2010
Damaged Stink Bug Bug Blue Foolproof 08/28/2010
Damaged Frigate Ships Purple Kai641 08/27/2010
Damaged Clarinet Music Red bolfen 08/27/2010
M. Pirate Hat Avatar Red Leo 08/25/2010
Damaged Iron Radar Gadgets Blue Gordius 08/24/2010
Praying Mantis Bug Orange Rhodan 08/24/2010
Damaged Rifle Weapons Red navan 08/19/2010
Damaged Herring Bait Red dudemus 08/18/2010
Damaged Mullet Bait Blue neaera 08/14/2010
Damaged Fabled Boots Equipment Purple nicktheh 08/12/2010
Damaged Fluyt Ships Red jaman 08/09/2010
Damaged Whaler Ships Red SmoothTofu 08/06/2010
Damaged C-4 Explosives Red Hatchet86 08/03/2010
Silver Border Avatar Blue Foggles 07/31/2010
Damaged Shotgun Weapons Red navan 07/26/2010
Damaged Caravel Ships Blue mpflug 07/24/2010
Damaged Katydid Bug Blue silvadeath 07/24/2010
M. Guard Hat Avatar Blue Foggles 07/24/2010
Tarantula Bug Orange DiggerBot 07/23/2010
Damaged Thunder Cannons Blue mpflug 07/23/2010
Damaged Carrack Ships Red James Sawyer 07/20/2010
Black Marlin Fish Orange neaera 07/20/2010
Damaged Bandit Vehicles Red jhb 07/19/2010
Damaged Cutlass Weapons Blue navan 07/18/2010
Market Background Avatar Blue Leo 07/17/2010
Damaged Sidecar Motorcycle Vehicles Blue Grungeking 07/17/2010
F. Guard Hat Avatar Blue Jove 07/14/2010
Damaged Katana Weapons Blue navan 07/13/2010
Yacht Ships Purple Oradow 07/11/2010
Damaged Road Tacks Weapons Blue navan 07/11/2010
Harbor Background Avatar Purple Foggles 07/11/2010
Damaged Crafted Cart Equipment Red Bertybandit 07/09/2010
Squid Bait Orange Grimaud 07/07/2010
Blue Marlin Fish Orange macosten 07/07/2010
Damaged Sports Car Vehicles Blue navan 07/06/2010
Damaged Brig Ships Blue mpflug 07/06/2010
Damaged Hardy Cart Equipment Blue daniel5321 07/05/2010
Damaged Siege Tower Vehicles Red Grungeking 07/03/2010
F. Trader Accessory Avatar Green Fiseguri 07/03/2010
Warehouse Background Avatar Green Fiseguri 07/03/2010
Damaged Ferry Ships Red Kai641 07/02/2010
Damaged Short Bus Vehicles Blue Grungeking 07/02/2010
M. Trader Hat Avatar Green SmoothTofu 07/02/2010
Black Border Avatar Green SmoothTofu 07/02/2010
M. Guard Accessory Avatar Blue Foggles 07/01/2010
Shelter Background Avatar Yellow Foggles 07/01/2010
M. Guard Pants Avatar Blue Foggles 06/29/2010
Mud Border Avatar Yellow SmoothTofu 06/28/2010
M. Trader Accessory Avatar Green SmoothTofu 06/27/2010
F. Worker Hat Avatar Yellow SmoothTofu 06/27/2010
F. Worker Accessory Avatar Yellow SmoothTofu 06/26/2010
M. Worker Hat Avatar Yellow SmoothTofu 06/26/2010
M. Worker Accessory Avatar Yellow SmoothTofu 06/26/2010
Damaged Tractor Vehicles Blue Grungeking 06/26/2010
F. Trader Hat Avatar Green SmoothTofu 06/26/2010
F. Guard Accessory Avatar Blue SmoothTofu 06/26/2010
Damaged Crafted Drill Equipment Red Wraith367 06/24/2010
M. Guard Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/23/2010
MR 08 Robots Grey Bertybandit 06/22/2010
Chocolate Border Avatar Green R Chicken 06/21/2010
F. Guard Shirt Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/20/2010
Damaged Crafted Light Equipment Red Wraith367 06/20/2010
F. Guard Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/20/2010
Bank Background Avatar Red R Chicken 06/20/2010
M. Trader Pants Avatar Green R Chicken 06/20/2010
F. Trader Pants Avatar Green R Chicken 06/20/2010
Hangar Background Avatar Blue Scatz 06/19/2010
M. Worker Pants Avatar Yellow Manifest 06/19/2010
M. Trader Shirt Avatar Green Manifest 06/19/2010
M. Trader Avatar Green Lostmaps 06/19/2010
F. Worker Pants Avatar Yellow Shardok 06/19/2010
F. Worker Shirt Avatar Yellow Shardok 06/19/2010
Sewer Background Avatar Yellow Foggles 06/19/2010
F. Worker Avatar Yellow Kiralyn2000 06/19/2010
M. Worker Shirt Avatar Yellow Scatz 06/19/2010
M. Worker Avatar Yellow Scatz 06/19/2010
Rock Border Avatar Yellow Scatz 06/19/2010
Mine Background Avatar Green Scatz 06/19/2010
F. Trader Avatar Green Scatz 06/19/2010
F. Guard Pants Avatar Blue Scatz 06/19/2010
F. Trader Shirt Avatar Green Scatz 06/19/2010
M. Highwayman Shirt Avatar Red Scatz 06/19/2010
Damaged Crafted Boots Equipment Red hungovermarine 06/19/2010
F. Bounty Hunter Hat Avatar Blue Scatz 06/19/2010
Damaged Crafted Hardhat Equipment Red Kai641 06/17/2010
Aircraft Background Avatar Red R Chicken 06/17/2010
M. Bounty Hunter Accessory Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/16/2010
F. Bounty Hunter Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/16/2010
M. Merchant Accessory Avatar Green Scatz 06/15/2010
MR 09 Robots Grey nicbor 06/15/2010
M. Bum Accessory Avatar Yellow The Generaal 06/15/2010
M. Bum Hat Avatar Yellow Manifest 06/15/2010
M. Bounty Hunter Shirt Avatar Blue The Generaal 06/15/2010
M. Merchant Pants Avatar Green Manifest 06/15/2010
F. Merchant Hat Avatar Green Scatz 06/15/2010
M. Bounty Hunter Hat Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/15/2010
Fishing Background Avatar Green SmoothTofu 06/15/2010
Damaged Corvette Vehicles Blue jaman 06/15/2010
F. Merchant Accessory Avatar Green R Chicken 06/15/2010
M. Merchant Avatar Green R Chicken 06/15/2010
Sticks Border Avatar Blue Shardok 06/15/2010
F. Bounty Hunter Pants Avatar Blue Shardok 06/15/2010
M. Bounty Hunter Pants Avatar Blue Shardok 06/15/2010
F. Bounty Hunter Accessory Avatar Blue R Chicken 06/15/2010
Almond Border Avatar Yellow Scatz 06/15/2010
Titanium Remote Control Gadgets Red R Chicken 06/10/2010
Swordfish Fish Purple brett 06/08/2010
Damaged Crafted Pickaxe Equipment Red hungovermarine 06/06/2010
Damaged Hardy Pickaxe Equipment Blue Bertybandit 06/03/2010
Aluminum Remote Control Gadgets Green Scatz 06/03/2010
MR 11 Robots Grey Bigrig73 06/02/2010
MR 07 Robots Grey BertyBandit 05/29/2010
MR 03 Robots Grey Shea 05/28/2010
Damaged Pinnacle Ships Blue jaman 05/26/2010
MR 05 Robots Grey MadSteve 05/25/2010
Damaged Iron Shield Gadgets Blue Dusty 05/23/2010
Damaged Iron Spreadsheet Gadgets Blue Dusty 05/23/2010
Cumin Spice Purple simonb9 05/22/2010
MR 04 Robots Grey Decan 05/21/2010
Damaged Hardy Light Equipment Blue Kai641 05/17/2010
Machine Gun Weapons Purple Ned 05/13/2010
Damaged Hardy Hardhat Equipment Blue Kai641 05/10/2010
Damaged Hardy Tool Belt Equipment Blue Kai641 05/10/2010
Damaged Crafted Tool Belt Equipment Red R Chicken 05/10/2010
MR 10 Robots Grey R Chicken 05/07/2010
Helicopter Aircraft Grey Foolproof 04/25/2010
Damaged Iron Whetting Stone Gadgets Blue Dusty 04/24/2010
Damaged Iron Meldal Detector Gadgets Blue Dusty 04/24/2010
Damaged Hardy Drill Equipment Blue RedTrev 04/22/2010
Bomber Aircraft Grey Bigrig73 04/18/2010
Legendary Drill Equipment Orange Asarathi 04/18/2010
Whaler Ships Red R Chicken 04/11/2010
Legendary Cart Equipment Orange invictus12 04/10/2010
Damaged Hardy Boots Equipment Blue RedTrev 04/10/2010
MR 06 Robots Grey Dusty 04/08/2010
Flower Aircraft Grey Foolproof 04/04/2010
Thumper Aircraft Grey Foolproof 04/04/2010
Brown Recluse Bug Orange Scipio 04/03/2010
Search Plane Aircraft Grey Bigrig73 03/27/2010
Bigeye Tuna Fish Purple Karubo 03/26/2010
Cello Music Purple RedTrev 03/20/2010
Sentry Gun Weapons Orange Jimmy Blowtorch 03/14/2010
MR 12 Robots Grey Bigrig73 03/14/2010
Damaged TNT Explosives Blue Bigrig73 03/14/2010
Legendary Tool Belt Equipment Orange Ned 03/04/2010
Dinghy Ships Yellow invictus12 03/03/2010
Junk Ships Green Foolproof 03/03/2010
Corvette Ships Blue R Chicken 03/03/2010
Fennel Seed Spice Purple simonb9 02/26/2010
Legendary Hardhat Equipment Orange Ned 02/26/2010
Proximity Mine Weapons Purple navan 02/24/2010
Ore Crate Ore Grey RedTrev 02/15/2010
Legendary Pickaxe Equipment Orange R Chicken 02/15/2010
Striped Marlin Fish Purple Man O War 01/23/2010
Nutmeg Spice Red hungovermarine 01/21/2010
Eel Bait Purple Man O War 01/12/2010
Galleon Ships Purple Manifest 01/10/2010
White Marlin Fish Red Manifest 01/09/2010
Legendary Boots Equipment Orange RedTrev 01/09/2010
Bagpipes Music Orange Marbles 01/04/2010
Violin Music Purple hormiga 12/07/2009
June Bug Bug Purple hormiga 12/03/2009
Cinnamon Spice Purple Adam 11/25/2009
Frigate Ships Purple jaman 11/20/2009
Titanium Calculator Discontinued Red Kurupt55 11/05/2009
Legendary Light Equipment Orange Asarathi 11/04/2009
Cockroach Bug Purple Kurupt55 11/01/2009
Thresher Fish Red Man O War 11/01/2009
Fabled Boots Equipment Purple Kiralyn2000 10/31/2009
Tuba Music Red nlaren 10/31/2009
Mounted Gun Weapons Purple navan 10/20/2009
Tank Vehicles Purple Adam 10/17/2009
Steamship Ships Purple Manifest 10/16/2009
Oboe Music Red Fiseguri 10/08/2009
Mako Shark Fish Red MikestaNZ 10/07/2009
French Horn Music Purple sportsfan 10/06/2009
Bluefin Tuna Fish Red jaman 10/05/2009
Herring Bait Red jaman 10/04/2009
Yellowfin Tuna Fish Blue MikestaNZ 10/02/2009
Sailfish Fish Blue jaman 09/28/2009
Wahoo Fish Blue jaman 09/28/2009
Rocket Launcher Weapons Purple corestar79 09/28/2009
Bassoon Music Red Fiseguri 09/28/2009
Scout Vehicles Purple Morpheus 09/27/2009
King Mackerel Fish Green yelloj 09/22/2009
Mace Spice Purple Xeonrf 09/21/2009
Amberjack Fish Blue Scatz 09/20/2009
Mullet Bait Blue SilbySoft 09/20/2009
Grouper Fish Green SilbySoft 09/19/2009
Titanium Hammer Gadgets Red SilbySoft 09/19/2009
Blue Shark Fish Green yelloj 09/18/2009
Flounder Fish Yellow Bob1234567890X 09/18/2009
Manta Ray Fish Yellow SilbySoft 09/18/2009
Barracuda Fish Yellow Bob1234567890X 09/18/2009
Dogfish Fish Yellow Bob1234567890X 09/18/2009
Mahi-mahi Fish Green Bob1234567890X 09/18/2009
Ballyhoo Bait Green Bob1234567890X 09/18/2009
Lure Bait Yellow Bob1234567890X 09/18/2009
Curtains Cannons Blue jaman 09/17/2009
Titanium Binoculars Gadgets Red megadude 09/16/2009
Syringe Gun Weapons Orange Morpheus 09/13/2009
Scarab Bug Orange hormiga 09/13/2009
Titanium Armory Gadgets Red Dusty 09/13/2009
Ferry Ships Red jaman 09/09/2009
Titanium Warehouse Gadgets Red Dusty 09/06/2009
Spot Cannons Green Manifest 09/04/2009
Trouble Cannons Green Manifest 09/04/2009
10 Cannonballs Cannons Yellow Manifest 09/04/2009
Mailman Cannons Blue Manifest 09/04/2009
Thunder Cannons Blue Manifest 09/04/2009
10 Chain Shots Cannons Yellow Manifest 09/04/2009
10 Grape Shots Cannons Yellow Manifest 09/04/2009
Whistler Cannons Green Manifest 09/04/2009
Carrack Ships Red Manifest 08/30/2009
Anise Spice Purple nicbor 08/25/2009
Titanium Ledger Gadgets Red Dusty 08/21/2009
Pipe Bomb Weapons Red Oradow 08/18/2009
Brig Ships Blue Manifest 08/17/2009
Caravel Ships Blue Thtcat 08/17/2009
Fluyt Ships Red Manifest 08/17/2009
Pinnace Ships Blue Manifest 08/17/2009
Galley Ships Green Thtcat 08/16/2009
BLU-82 Explosives Orange Fiseguri 08/15/2009
Barque Ships Green Manifest 08/15/2009
Sloop Ships Green Manifest 08/15/2009
War Canoe Ships Yellow Manifest 08/15/2009
Row Boat Ships Yellow Manifest 08/15/2009
Outrigger Ships Yellow navan 08/15/2009
Marble Sculpture Starter Purple leitaria 08/14/2009
Walkingstick Bug Purple likidas 08/14/2009
Revolver Weapons Red navan 08/11/2009
Fabled Tool Belt Equipment Purple Demonicos 08/02/2009
ANFO Explosives Purple Kyouhen 07/21/2009
Iron Turbo Engine Gadgets Blue megadude 07/18/2009
Firefly Bug Purple Fiseguri 07/17/2009
Grenade Launcher Weapons Red corestar79 07/15/2009
Hornet Bug Red Ned 07/15/2009
Fabled Drill Equipment Purple jaman 07/13/2009
Iron Spreadsheet Gadgets Blue Dusty 07/13/2009
Crafted Drill Equipment Red Bigrig73 07/11/2009
Fabled Pickaxe Equipment Purple jaman 07/11/2009
Black Pepper Spice Red Adam 07/09/2009
Iron Shield Gadgets Blue Dusty 07/03/2009
Diamond Necklace Starter Purple amaxen 07/01/2009
Bandit Vehicles Red Oradow 06/29/2009
Fabled Cart Equipment Purple Kurupt55 06/27/2009
Crafted Tool Belt Equipment Red megadude 06/23/2009
Fabled Hardhat Equipment Purple jaman 06/22/2009
Cicada Bug Red jaman 06/21/2009
Rifle Weapons Red Oradow 06/19/2009
Trombone Music Blue Dusty 06/19/2009
Faction Comics #1 Starter Purple Uraza 06/18/2009
Milk Truck Vehicles Red Fiseguri 06/17/2009
Shotgun Weapons Red corestar79 06/15/2009
Xylophone Music Blue Dusty 06/14/2009
Trumpet Music Red Dusty 06/13/2009
C-4 Explosives Red Kyouhen 06/13/2009
Organ Music Blue Dusty 06/12/2009
Crafted Hardhat Equipment Red Kurupt55 06/12/2009
Iron Radar Gadgets Blue megadude 06/08/2009
Iron Whetting Stone Gadgets Blue megadude 06/07/2009
TNT Explosives Blue Kyouhen 06/05/2009
Timpani Music Blue Dusty 06/05/2009
Licorice Spice Red Xeonrf 06/02/2009
Iron Meldal Detector Gadgets Blue megadude 06/02/2009
Locust Bug Purple Ned 06/02/2009
Dynamite Explosives Green Kyouhen 06/01/2009
M-80 Explosives Yellow Kyouhen 05/31/2009
Guitar Music Blue Dusty 05/30/2009
Fabled Light Equipment Purple jaman 05/28/2009
Siege Tower Vehicles Red Dusty 05/28/2009
Mayfly Bug Red Jickson 05/26/2009
Aluminum Binoculars Gadgets Green Ned 05/24/2009
Crafted Boots Equipment Red Bovlage 05/22/2009
Aluminum Hammer Gadgets Green Xeonrf 05/20/2009
Grasshopper Bug Red Jickson 05/20/2009
Aluminum Armory Gadgets Green Xeonrf 05/19/2009
Aluminum Calculator Discontinued Green Ned 05/19/2009
Aluminum Ledger Gadgets Green corestar79 05/19/2009
Aluminum Warehouse Gadgets Green Ned 05/19/2009
Saxophone Music Green Jickson 05/19/2009
Armored Limo Vehicles Purple jaman 05/19/2009
Tin Whetting Stone Gadgets Yellow corestar79 05/19/2009
Pro Digital Camcorder Starter Purple P4113N 05/18/2009
Tin Meldal Detector Gadgets Yellow corestar79 05/18/2009
Tin Radar Gadgets Yellow Xeonrf 05/17/2009
Tin Spreadsheet Gadgets Yellow Xeonrf 05/17/2009
Tin Shield Gadgets Yellow Ned 05/17/2009
Tin Turbo Engine Gadgets Yellow Ned 05/17/2009
Short Bus Vehicles Blue jaman 05/16/2009
Cymbals Music Green Jickson 05/12/2009
Crafted Pickaxe Equipment Red zmaril 05/11/2009
Harp Music Green Jickson 05/11/2009
Accordion Music Green Jickson 05/09/2009
Crane Starter Purple HoboScience 05/09/2009
Clarinet Music Red Jickson 05/09/2009
Ocarina Music Green Jickson 05/08/2009
Gong Music Yellow Xeonrf 05/08/2009
Kazoo Music Yellow Xeonrf 05/07/2009
Recorder Music Yellow Jickson 05/07/2009
Flute Music Yellow Xeonrf 05/07/2009
Crafted Cart Equipment Red Adam 05/07/2009
Harmonica Music Yellow Xeonrf 05/06/2009
Van Vehicles Green Adam 05/04/2009
Katana Weapons Blue Dusty 05/02/2009
Rickshaw Vehicles Yellow Dusty 04/29/2009
Purple Monster Starter Purple Jickson 04/24/2009
Diamond Ring Starter Purple jaman 04/24/2009
Hang Glider Starter Red DrBoon 04/19/2009
Pill Bug Bug Blue Sizz 04/18/2009
King Sized Bed Starter Red bacso 04/17/2009
Centipede Bug Blue EverBrett 04/16/2009
Butterfly Bug Green Sizz 04/13/2009
Dragonfly Bug Blue Sizz 04/13/2009
Italian Leather Sofa Starter Purple Jennifer 04/12/2009
Bee Bug Green Dusty 04/12/2009
Moth Bug Green Dusty 04/12/2009
Stink Bug Bug Blue jaman 04/12/2009
Water Strider Bug Green jaman 04/12/2009
Assault Truck Vehicles Orange Adam 04/11/2009
Earwig Bug Green Sizz 04/11/2009
Cuban Cigars Starter Red Robbie Yamamoto 04/11/2009
Mosquito Bug Yellow Sizz 04/10/2009
Cricket Bug Yellow Ned 04/10/2009
Ladybug Bug Yellow Dusty 04/10/2009
Ant Bug Yellow Dusty 04/10/2009
Wolf Spider Bug Red Sizz 04/10/2009
Fly Bug Yellow Sizz 04/10/2009
Katydid Bug Blue jaman 04/10/2009
Crafted Light Equipment Red EverBrett 04/05/2009
Molotov Cocktail Weapons Blue shotty 04/03/2009
Hardy Hardhat Equipment Blue EverBrett 03/29/2009
Gun Car Vehicles Purple Adam 03/28/2009
Lead Pipe Weapons Blue jaman 03/23/2009
Hardy Cart Equipment Blue Adam 03/16/2009
Road Tacks Weapons Blue jaman 03/15/2009
Crystal Chandelier Starter Red gematt 03/12/2009
5.1 Stereo Starter Red Becky 03/10/2009
Cutlass Weapons Blue jaman 03/06/2009
Tractor Vehicles Blue jaman 03/04/2009
White Pepper Spice Red Adam 03/01/2009
Hardy Light Equipment Blue Dusty 02/28/2009
Onion Seed Spice Red Dusty 02/23/2009
Hardy Tool Belt Equipment Blue Dusty 02/23/2009
Mint Spice Red Vivi 02/19/2009
Hardy Drill Equipment Blue Dusty 02/18/2009
Pet Tiger Starter Red renee 02/17/2009
Backhoe Starter Purple Aubrey 02/14/2009
Smoke Screen Weapons Green Zach 02/14/2009
Hardy Pickaxe Equipment Blue Dusty 02/13/2009
Crowbar Weapons Green Zach 02/13/2009
Blunderbuss Weapons Green Dusty 02/12/2009
Bow and Arrows Weapons Green Zach 02/11/2009
Two-handed Claymore Weapons Green Zach 02/11/2009
Fire Axe Weapons Yellow Dusty 02/11/2009
Butcher Knife Weapons Yellow Dusty 02/10/2009
Go Kart Vehicles Green Dusty 02/10/2009
Bat Weapons Yellow Zach 02/10/2009
Pool Cue Weapons Yellow Zach 02/10/2009
Wrench Weapons Yellow Zach 02/10/2009
Bus Vehicles Red Dusty 02/10/2009
Sidecar Motorcycle Vehicles Blue Dusty 02/08/2009
Golf Cart Vehicles Green Dusty 02/08/2009
Stone Watch Tower Starter Purple Aubrey 02/04/2009
Scooter Vehicles Green doja 02/04/2009
Poppy Seed Spice Blue Adam 01/30/2009
Coriander Spice Purple Adam 01/30/2009
Parsley Spice Blue Vivi 01/24/2009
Pimento Spice Blue Dusty 01/23/2009
Turmeric Spice Green Dusty 01/21/2009
Paprika Spice Blue doja 01/21/2009
Rosemary Spice Blue Zach 01/19/2009
Sesame Seed Spice Blue Vivi 01/18/2009
Sports Car Vehicles Blue Zach 01/18/2009
Hardy Boots Equipment Blue Japhet 01/17/2009
Sage Spice Green Dusty 01/16/2009
Wasabi Spice Green Vivi 01/15/2009
Diamond-studded phone Starter Red doja 01/13/2009
Garlic Spice Green Zach 01/13/2009
Unicycle Vehicles Yellow Zach 01/13/2009
Camel Vehicles Yellow Adam 01/13/2009
Tamarind Spice Green Vivi 01/12/2009
Tarragon Spice Yellow Zach 01/12/2009
Ginger Spice Green Dusty 01/12/2009
Donkey Vehicles Yellow Dusty 01/12/2009
Annatto Spice Yellow Vivi 01/12/2009
Cloves Spice Yellow Dusty 01/11/2009
Celery Seed Spice Yellow Dusty 01/11/2009
Mustard Seed Spice Yellow Dusty 01/10/2009
Dill Seed Spice Yellow Dusty 01/10/2009
Oak Dining Set Starter Red Micah 01/02/2009
Standard Light Equipment Green Eric 12/31/2008
Standard Boots Equipment Green Japhet 12/27/2008
Home 2-Speaker Stereo Starter Blue Adam 12/22/2008
Standard Pickaxe Equipment Green Vivi 12/21/2008
Meteor fragment Starter Red Zach 12/21/2008
Dryer Starter Blue Caleb 12/19/2008
Standard Drill Equipment Green Caleb 12/19/2008
Standard Cart Equipment Green Zach 12/18/2008
Standard Hardhat Equipment Green Japhet 12/12/2008
50" HDTV Starter Blue Vivi 12/09/2008
Pet Dog Starter Green Vivi 12/09/2008
Flimsy Hardhat Equipment Yellow Japhet 12/08/2008
Bed Starter Green Ben 12/05/2008
Standard Tool Belt Equipment Green Ben 12/05/2008
Flimsy Cart Equipment Yellow Ted 12/04/2008
Laptop Starter Blue Zach 12/04/2008
Flimsy Drill Equipment Yellow Japhet 12/03/2008
Flimsy Tool Belt Equipment Yellow Japhet 12/03/2008
Flimsy Boots Equipment Yellow Adam 12/02/2008
Flimsy Pickaxe Equipment Yellow Adam 12/02/2008
Washing Machine Starter Blue Adam 12/02/2008
Flimsy Light Equipment Yellow Zach 12/01/2008
8-core Gaming Computer Starter Blue Japhet 11/26/2008