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== Statistics ==
== Statistics ==

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In Minethings it is now possible to get a dwarf. A dwarf mines in any mine at the city it is in, and it only finds green+ items. Every time a dwarf finds an item he has a chance of disappearing. A dwarf mines at a very fast rate, one item every few minutes. There is no set limit for how many items a dwarf will mine, he has given 1 green item, and 30+ green, blue and red items!

Finding Dwarves

There are two ways to get a dwarf: Occasionally, on the main page of MT a notice will appear saying a dwarf is looking for trash piles in a certain city. If you trash any item in that city, your trash pile will grow by 1. On the main page a notice will appear every time someone takes the lead with the largest trash pile, so you can see who is in the lead. After a certain (random) amount of time, the dwarf will go work for whoever has the largest trash pile, mining green+ items until he disappears.

This is great for new players, as when a dwarf is in the city all yellow item prices tend to jump up a few gold, as people want to trash as many items as they can to get the dwarf.

Trash dwarf.png

The second way to get a dwarf is to find a stowaway. Stowaways can be found on land or the ocean, and not much data is known about the chances of finding one. There is a small chance of finding a stowaway dwarf every time you send out a red+ vehicle/ship as trader/merchant.

Every time something happens with a stowaway dwarf, a notice will appear on the main page. This includes: Discovery of the dwarf, every time the dwarf is stolen, and when the dwarf arrives. The notice contains the name of the player who currently has the dwarf, and the type of vehicle they have the dwarf in. This can lead to some very exciting battles to capture the dwarf.

Stowaway dwarf3.jpg

Stowaway dwarf2.jpg

Stowaway dwarf.png


Not much has been discovered about dwarves yet, and it has not been recorded how often dwarves look for trash piles, or get stolen. It has been said that someone once found 2! dwarves from 1 vehicle, but this has not been proved yet. We know that dwarves can mine only 1 item, or up to at least 30 items.

Thinking about it logically if dwarves mine everything normally, except yellow finds = green... green = blue etc, blue = red etc. This means that it is only 400! dwarf items to a purple, and 2000 to an orange. While that still seems like rather bad odds it is a massive chance compared to 1/2000 and 1/20,000. Many people have submitting there findings to a thread dedicated dwarf findings on the forum. Worth a look if you are interested. [1]