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Explosives are mined from the explosives mine. There is only one type of explosive per color rarity. Explosives are used to dig through buckets of dirt instantaneously, giving you items. Each explosive has a different yield, depending upon rarity. Explosives are quite expensive and a big gamble. Explosives can be detonated in any mine including mines that aren't actively being mined.
Explosive types and approximate yields:
Explosive Yield
ExplosivesL1.png M-80 0.5 Average, varies between 0-1
ExplosivesL2.png Dynamite 2 Average, varies from 1-3
ExplosivesL3.png TNT 8 Average, varies from 6-10
ExplosivesL4.png C-4 32 Average, varies from 26-40
ExplosivesL5.png ANFO 128 Average
ExplosivesL6.png BLU-82 512 Average

Mega Blast Rate

You can blow up explosives 1 by 1, per 10 or "all". This only effects how long it will take you to blow all your explosives, but has no benefit over single blasting (the exception being the Demolished stone, which requires you to find 100 or more things in a single blast). To do this you need approximately 100 Dynamite, 60 TNT, 8 C-4, 1 ANFO, or 1 BLU-82.

Mega bulk.png

Kurupt55 detonated the first Mega Blast of 100 TNT explosives on December 10, 2009. The results are shown in the table below:

Color Vehicle Quantity Percent
VehiclesL1.png Yellow Rickshaw 138 24.08%
VehiclesL1.png Yellow Camel 126 21.99%
VehiclesL1.png Yellow Unicycle 120 20.94%
VehiclesL1.png Yellow Donkey 111 19.37%
VehiclesL2.png Green Go Kart 18 3.14%
VehiclesL2.png Green Golf Cart 17 2.97%
VehiclesL2.png Green Scooter 17 2.97%
VehiclesL2.png Green Van 13 2.27%
VehiclesL3.png Blue Sidecar Motorcycle 5 0.87%
VehiclesL3.png Blue Tractor 3 0.52%
VehiclesL3.png Blue Short Bus 2 0.35%
VehiclesL3.png Blue Sports Car 1 0.17%
VehiclesL4.png Red Milk Truck 2 0.35%

  • 2 Red for 0.35%
  • 11 Blue for 1.92%
  • 65 Green for 11.34%
  • 495 Yellow for 86.39%