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=== Ammunition ===
=== Ammunition ===
* 20 Boxes Cannonballs - 1 ore, 850 components
Ammunition for Cannons is produced in lots of 1200 (100 crates) of one chosen type: Cannonballs, Chain Shot or Grape Shot.
* 20 Boxes Grape Shot - 1 ore, 850 components
*1200 Ammunition - 1 [[Ore]], 850 Components
* 20 Boxes Chain Shot - 1 ore, 850 components

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  • Require 20 Ore to start construction, then 9,000 Components to complete.
  • Owned and operated by Manufacturers.
  • Workers labor produces components used to build items.
  • Can repair damaged items found by the mining robots for 1 Ore and 1,000 Components
  • Factories can be rented out to other players to repair items.
  • Limit of 5 active factories at a time.


Everything a factory manufactures has both an Ore and a Component cost. Components are created by Workers at a rate based upon the Worker's Meld count rounded down (e.g.: 33 melds = 3 CPH output & 49 melds = 4 CPH output). Rental factories must also hire Workers in order to repair damaged items.

CPH = Components Per Hour

Manufactured Items

Mining Robots

Mining Robot - 5 Ore, 5,000 Components

Every Miner gets a free Mining Robot with each mine they purchase (maximum three active at any one time), however these standard models don't compare to the MR's built by Manufacturers in a factory. These manufactured robots are specialized, able to find and recover damaged items. These damaged items can then be repaired in a Manufacturer's factory or by renting a factory and paying the cost of one Ore and 1,000 components. The MR model robot does not benefit from Explosives, so they will not find additional damaged items. The more melds a Manufacturer has at the time of construction, the higher the model number of MR that will be built (e.g.: 100 Melds = MR10). Higher level models are able to find rare damaged items more efficiently than lower versions.

Ore Melds

Ore Melds are created by the Manufacturer and function as any other meld.

  • Ore One - 2 Ore, 1,200 Components
  • Ore Two - 6 Ore, 5,000 Components
  • Ore Three - 20 Ore, 20,000 Components
  • Ore Four - 65 Ore, 80,000 Components
  • Ore Five - 200 Ore, 300,000 Components


Aircraft are used by Pilots to locate and destroy the Ore Thieves' Base and to recover the Ore contained within.

  • Search Plane - 6 Ore, 3,500 Components.
Used to find the Ore Thieves' Base. Each pilot wanting to bomb or extract Ore must first find the base on their own. Each flight takes approximately 8 hours.
  • Bomber - 10 Ore, 4,000 Components.
Used to bomb the Ore Thieves' Base once discovered with the Search Plane. Each Bomber can carry up to 4 bombs in any configuration the Pilot chooses.
  • Helicopter - 8 Ore, 7,000 Components
Used to recover the Ore from the base after it has been destroyed by the Bombers. Helicopters can carry up to 4 Ore each trip.


Bombs are dropped on the Ore Thieves' Base by Pilots using a Bomber. The Base's strength is affected by how much Ore has been stolen since it was last destroyed. Approximately 12 Thumpers are needed to destroy a base.

  • Flower - 1 Ore, 400 Components.
Small bomb
  • Thumper - 3 Ore, 400 Components.
Large bomb

Block and Tackle

The Block and Tackle is used to remove the attached Cannons from one ship. It is destroyed upon use.

  • Block and Tackle - 2 Ore, 3500 Components.


  • 20 Boxes Cannonballs - 1 ore, 850 components
  • 20 Boxes Grape Shot - 1 ore, 850 components
  • 20 Boxes Chain Shot - 1 ore, 850 components