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Text Formatting Commands

Basic Commands

  • Bold - A section of text can be made bold by using the tags [b][/b] or by highlighting text and clicking the B button above the input area. The word 'hello' in bold would be written [b]hello[/b] .
  • The same as bold but use the tags [i][/i] or click the i button above the input area.
  • The same as bold/italics but use the tags [u][/u] or click the u button above the input area.
  • The size of text can be changed using the tags [size=#][/size], replace the # with a number which will correlate with the size of the text. Alternatively, click the dropdown box above the input area and choose a size. Preset sizes are: Tiny - 50, Small - 85, Normal - 100, Large - 150, Huge - 200. It is note recommended that you use different text sizes extesnively.
  • Text colour can be changed by using the tags [color='colour'][/color]. The word 'colour' should be replaced with a colour name, such as red, blue or green. However this list is limited and it could also be replaced with a Hexadecimal colour code, such as #FF0000. Alternately, click the Font Colour button above the input area and select from the pop-up list.

Combining Commands

Commands can be combined to create effects such as bold and underlined, or red and small and italic.

One command should fully enclose another:

[b][u] This text is bold and underlined [/u][/b] is correct, as the underline command is completed and then the bold command is.

[b][u] This will look crap [/b][/u] will not work.

All of the above commands can be used once each simultaneously on a single piece of text, creating a (potentially) large, red, bold, underlined, italic word/words:

[color=#FF0000][size=150][b][u][i] Word/Words [/i][/u][/b][/size][/color]


There are two types of lists that can be made: an ordered list or an unordered list.

A list appears as a series of bullet points or ordered points, and is made by using the [list][/list], and [*] tags. Also, all above formatting commands can be used on a single entry in any list.

To make a list all text must be enclosed in the [list][/list] tags, and each entry within it preceded by a [*].

for example: [list][*] Something [*] Something Else [*] You get the idea[/list]

would look like this:

  • Somthing
  • Something Else
  • You get the idea

There are 2 types of ordered lists, numerical and alphabetical. To make one of these simply change the first tag to [list=1] or [list=a]. This will replace the bullet points with a series of either numbers or letters.


Images can be placed in any post on the forums in 2 different ways:

  • Using an external link to a webpage where the image is being hosted.
  • Uploading an image directly from your computer and placing it inline as an 'attachment'.

Web Hosted Images

If you have found an image on another webpage, or have hosted your own on an image hosting website, the easiest way to place an image in a post is to use the [img][/img] tags. Simply paste the url of the host site in between the tags:

[img][/img] becomes


Upload Your Own File

  • Click 'Upload Attachment' under the text uinput area
  • Click 'Browse' and select image file, or input file loaction
  • Click 'Add the file' , the page will now refresh
  • Click 'Place inline' and you will get some text that looks something like this: [attachment=0]MTLogo.gif[/attachment]

You can add a description to the file if you want to, simply type it in the 'File Comment' box.

An image added like this looks slightly different to one using the /img tags, and if it is bigger than a certain size, will appear in a limited area with scroll bars to view the rest of it. This stops overlarge images from overflowing off the screen horizontally, or simply taking up too much space vertically. However the image can be viewed in it's entirety simply by clicking on it (this will expand the image and remove the scroll bars).


NOTE* for extremely large images, it is considered etiquette to either upload yourself, or provide a link the the page where it is hosted, rather than post them fullsized on the forums.



To make a clickable link to any webpage, inside or outside, simply use the [url][/url] tags, or click the url button. Paste the url of the target webpage in between the tags.

For example, [url][/url] becomes


You can also create text with a clickable link to any webpage by using the format [url=type-url-here]type text here[/url]

For example, []The World's BEST Browsergame[/url] would look something like this The World's BEST Browsergame.

Linking Images

You can give an image a clickable hyperlink on the forums as well. Simply combine the tags like so: [][img][/img][/url]

This becomes: MTLogo.gif

This can also be done to attached images like so: [][attachment=0]MTLogo.gif[/attachment][/url]


You can use the [code][/code] tags to write out code, including the forum code, without it converting from text into formatting (ex 1). It is also very useful for showing lists or tables, as the spacings between words as you input them are retained (ex 2). See examples below:

Ex 1: Code1.png

Ex 2: Code2.png


Simply click on an emoticon pictured to the right of the text input area to insert it into the post. Any smilies such as :) :( :D and :s (amongst others) will automatically be converted into emoticons when posted, unless the 'Disable Smilies' option is selected.