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The forums are a part of minethings where you can chat with other miners and suggest changes to the game. You can also join smaller chat/strategise groups called guilds.

News and Updates

Only the developer of minethings, Japhet, can make a new topic on this forum. This forum is about changes to minethings, called patches.

Help and General Discussion

This is where you talk about things on Minethings, like a new patch, a recent rise in pirate activity or to ask questions.


The suggestions forum is where you can make suggestions to Japhet that you think would help the game or make it more interesting.

Off Topic

This is where you can talk about anything you darn well please.


There are guilds within the forums that are moderated by players of minethings. Some of these guilds include the UK guild, the Anti-UK guild, the Justice Ghosts guild, and the High Melds guild. All of these are for select groups of people, and to be accepted, you must send a personal message to the guild's leader. The Lucky guild, on the other hand, you can enter and exit as much and as often as you like.