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The basics

Understanding player to player rentals

There is currently no ingame mechanic for player to player mine rentals. This means that the renter (the person with the mine) has to trust the rentee (the person that gets the mine), because there is no guarantee the rentee will keep the agreement. Therefore, newer players shouldn't expect to get expensive mines

If you do want to get an expensive mine, there are various things you can do.

  • Chat. Simply chatting means renters are likely to see you - talk with you. If you show maturity in chat, that's a good sign for a renter - low chance the renter will get screwed over by you.
  • Start with a small mine, and properly pay this back.
  • Have another player that can vouch for you, that the renter knows he can trust.
  • If you've paid back (several) (larger) loans, that's also a good sign of trustworthiness.

Be sure to be honest, though - if a renter finds out you lied to get a mine he wouldn't have otherwise given you, it's going to hurt you in the long run.

Keep in mind rentals can take well over a year to pay off, if your luck isn't co-operating.

Getting a player to player rental

So how do you get a rental? There are several ways.

  • Certain renters often say in chat that they are looking for people to rent their mines. You can pm these players, or reply in chat you'd like a mine. Then again, there's a decent chance that's how you ended up on this page.
  • You can also do the reverse - ask in chat for people to rent you mines.
  • There are forum threads for renting mines: Aso[1], Bromo ?, Calbuco[2] and Dempo[3]

Rental types

Point based rentals

These are by far the most common. Basically, the renter expects to get the first red+ items you find. When you give an item to the renter (see: item transferring) you will be awarded 'points'. Points don't actually exist - as I said before there is no ingame mechanic for p-to-p rentals. These are fictional things - once you hit a certain amount of them the mine's yours.

These are often done for the meld mines, but work fine on nearly all the mine types.

Common point based rental agreements are:

Up to 30 points, red=3, purple=10, orange=30.

This means that in order to pay the mine off, you'll need to pay (e.g.) 10 reds, 3 purples or one orange. Obviously, there's a bigger chance of you getting a a purple somewhere in between finding 10 reds, but mixing is fine. This can lead to you going over 30 points though - talk about what'll happen then!

Up to 30 points, red=5, purple=15, orange=30.

This variant is slightly nicer for the rentee, as you'd only need 6 reds or 2 purples to pay off.

Up to 30 points, blue=1, red=3, purple=10, orange=30

A renter might do this if he wants to ensure he gets at least some gold out of it quickly. Often, there will be a limit on the amount of blues - for example, the renter might only want the first 10 blues or so. Also, he might only want certain blues.

Anything is possible

These three are just examples - anything is possible! Especially on the older servers more complex agreements are more common.

Keep in mind though, what you renter wants and what you want is usually the opposite - the renter wants to get as much as possible, and you want to give as little as possible. The trick is to find a suitable middle ground.

Things to keep in mind (and to discuss):

  • Point agreement (such as the two I mentioned above)
  • What happens if you go over 30 points
    • This might be a portion of the mine's cost extra for you, but it could be anything
  • Does the renter want every red+, or only certain?
    • Some red+ items are worth a lot less than others in their tier - a renter might not want these, or might want to give less points for them.
  • Is it actually worth it for me?
    • Especially if the renter wants blues, you have to wonder how much you'll actually get out of it. Yellows and greens tend to be worth very little - it might be better to wait for another rental opportunity to arise.
  • Returning the mine
    • You might want to return the mine, because you can buy a mine yourself or a better rental opportunity showed up. While a renter will probably not say no to getting the mine back for free - you might want something in return depending on how much you've paid back. It's better to discuss this up front, and not when you actually want to return it!

Gold based rentals

Gold based rentals are way less common. You might see them on the cheaper mines (starter&music) that you're supposed to mine gold with, and on consumable mines (exposives, gadgets, bait). Be sure that what you get can actually pay off the loan! A mine mining gold with standard equip makes ~210g per week. If you get a loan that needs you to pay 300g per week, that's 90g that you need to trade/work/whatever together!

The basic idea of these loans is quite simple. There are two main variants:

Buy from open market

With these rentals, you get a large loan with a large interest, and it is up to you to buy the mine. This is not common, but it might happen. Calling these mine rentals is a bit iffy - they are just large loans.

Buy from the loaner (renter)

Here, you'll buy the mine directly from the renter (still via the open market, though).

Other rentals