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== New Player Help ==
== New Player Help ==

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New Player Help

  • The Official Help Page [1] Read it. There is a lot of helpful information there.
  • The FAQ is another good source of answers.
  • The Beginner's Guide offers tips on which direction to head in when you begin the game, goals to aim for and how to achieve them.
  • The Yellow Vehicle Combat Guide explains yellow vehicle combat and the different strategies you can use.
  • Watch Hotrootsoup's helpful walkthrough video here. [2]
  • Confusing terminology is explained in the Glossary
  • Basic information on the Shop and the uses of credits
  • Your Guide to spending Credits wisely.
  • If none of this works, go to the Forums.

Advanced Information

  • Understanding the Combat mechanics of Minethings is vital to the success of most professions.
  • General Tips for players.
  • How to move cities.
  • Everyone makes more money Selling Things with a little patience.
  • A detailed guide on using the forums including posting images.

IRC Help

  • Rules - The rules for the IRC chat. These are enforced. You have been warned!
  • Help - Some of the more useful commands available within the IRC environment.