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Your home city provides you with the following benefits:

  • Plus 5 buckets per hour on all mines you have active in your home city
  • The ability to meld items that you own and have moved to your home city
  • The ability to use any gadgets that you own and have moved to your home city

For all new players, the home city is Harmond. To make another city your home, you need to move.


Moving allows you to enjoy a mining +5 BPH at the new city. You may also find that certain items are cheaper than in your previous city. Be warned though that many items will be much more expensive. It is for this reason that you are advised to prepare for a move before you do it.

Step 1

Move meld Items

Move enough items to the city you are moving to so that, once you move, you can immediately get 10 melds. With 10 melds this will allow you to transport any equipment, gadgets or rare items from your old location to the new one. It is extremely important to get up to 10 melds quickly once in your new city, otherwise you could find yourself stranded and over-inventory for longer than you'd have expected.

As a rule of thumb, the easiest 10 melds to get are those that come from the mines in Harmond.

Starter *

Sunday: Dress Shoes, Sneakers 
Summer: Skirt, Shorts, Swimsuit, Pet Snake 
Summer Rain: Swimsuit x2, Umbrella x2, Pet Snake x2


Workbench: Flimsy Drill, Flimsy Hardhat 
Toolbox: Flimsy Pickaxe, Flimsy Light, Flimsy Cart 
Capital: Flimsy Boots x2, Flimsy Tool Belt x2 
Springload: Flimsy Cart x5


Windshield: Fly, Ant, Mosquito 
Garden: Ladybug x2, Cricket x2
Jar: Fly x3, Ant x3 

* Huck is not included due to the difficulty of moving Rafts.

Which 10 melds you go for will be determined by what you already have in your inventory and the present market conditions. However, working from the above, you would need to have:

Dress Shoes x1
Pet Snake x3
Shorts x1
Skirt x1
Sneakers x1
Swimsuit x3
Umbrella x2
Flimsy Boots x2
Flimsy Cart x6
Flimsy Drill x1
Flimsy Hardhat x1
Flimsy Light x1
Flimsy Pickaxe x1
Flimsy Toolbelt x2
Ant x4
Cricket x2
Fly x4
Ladybug x2
Mosquito x1

For a canny shopper, the above could all be bought for less than 60g. For ease of re-melding, you might also consider buying a cheap Meldal Detector and moving it to your proposed new City.

Step 2


This is the easy bit. Once all of your vehicles are stopped, click on "Cities" on the main menu bar, click on the City you wish to move to and then click on "Home" in the menu bar. There will be a link saying "Move to Cityname". Click this link and follow the instructions.

Congratulations, you have now moved city!

You should now meld everthing that you brought in Step 1.

Step 3

Transfer your stuff

When you move, all of your melds become null. The items stay in the melds but they no longer count towards your meld count. This is to stop you from going over the inventory limit. You can dismantle the null melds to get the items when you have room to move. First dismantle the 10 melds which you have replacements for in your new home city. Create the new 10 melds so you can transfer any additional melds to your new home city. To do that dismantle the melds you want to move, making sure you stay under the inventory limit.

The next set of things to transfer are any expensive equipment. These are better utilized in your new home City than your old one.