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1. Do not flood users, channels, servers, or services by any means.

2. Do not harass other users.

3. No mass/repeated advertising of channels, websites, IRC networks, URLs, etc.

4. No excessive clones. The default session limit is 3 (session limit exceptions are available upon request and approval).

5. Bots are permitted provided they set usermode +B upon connection and are not hostile or offensive.

6. Channel takeovers are not permitted - it is the responsibility of channel operators to protect their channels through the use of services functionality.

7. Offensive nicknames/channels may not be permitted.

8. Channels or users that are involved with illegal activities (for example, warez trading or DDoS coordination) are not permitted.

9. Any attempt by a user to circumvent or evade a ban placed by an IRC Operator or a channel owner will be considered a violation of network policy and may result in permanent sanction.

10. Failure to comply with any of the rules herein may result in:

     a) your disconnection from the network  
     b) your disconnection from the network and a temporary or permanent ban being placed against you and your host(s) 
     c) any of various other sanctions deemed appropriate by staff members. 

11. All decisions relating to user sanction by IRC Operators and Network Administrators are final.