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OUTDATED - see here

Items are the "Things" that are ubiquitously "Mined," as hinted by the title "Mine Things." They are found according to the type of mine currently being worked - Kazoos will be found in the music mine and so on. Items can be either sold for cash, or sometimes used in a variety of ways.

Item types and uses include:

  • Things you combine to create melds, increase battery life and gain professional power.
  • Equipment to increase your rate of mining
  • Vehicles for land-based travel & combat
  • Ships for seafaring merchants & pirates
  • Gadgets for powering up or bestowing helpful abilities
  • Weapons for increasing your combat prowess on land and sea
  • Cannons for (costly) naval superiority
  • Bait for catching combinable Fish
  • Explosives for speedy excavation
  • Avatar parts for creating a portrait - enough of them bestow a bonus of 25 inventory slots.

Unless you're just mining gold, you're always mining items. Trade them wisely to make a profit, or use them to plunder hapless victims. Preferably both.