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Mine Things Time Line


Major patches (aqua), orange finds (orange), orange discoveries (Orange bold), guilds (Yellow... suppose to be blue...), purple discoveries (purple). For a full list of all discoveries since 26th September 2008, see the spreadsheet Japhet put together here.

*Scatz here* - I decided on the discoveries only chart as eventually orange swill just overrun it and it will have to change anyway. I am currently attempting to get a: Date, Game Event, Gap, Date, Player Joined table going, so basically have a game event and player joining table side by side, which could look good if it works. The preview is a bit messed up, an easy way to edit is to copy the data to excel, edit, and paste back.

Janurary ......................... Date Name
??? MT started ^ For a gap Janurary
30th Adam discovered coriander
February February
11th Weapons mine patch
March March
23rd Battery patch
28th Adam discovered Gun Car April
10th Bugs mine patch May
11th Adam discovered Assault Truck
12th Jennifer discovered Italian Leather Sofa June
17th Trader Tree patch
24th Jaman discovered Diamond Ring July
Jickson discovered Purple Monster
29th New vehicle patch August
May 3rd Scatz
7th Cissna - music mine patch
9th Hoboscience discovered Crane September
17th Gadgets mine patch
18th P4113N discovered Pro Digital Camcorder October
19th Jaman discovered Armored Limo
June November
1st Explosives mine patch
2nd Ned discovered Locust December
18th Uraza discovered Faction Comics #1
22nd Jaman discovered Fabled Hardhat 2010
27th Kurupt discovered fabled Cart
July Janurary
1st Amaxen discovered Diamond Necklace
11th Jaman discovered Fabled Pickaxe February
13th Jaman discovered Fabled Drill
August March
2nd Demonicos discovered Fabled Tool Belt
13th Ships mine patch April
14th likidas discovered Walkingstick
leitaria discovered Marbled Sculpture May
15th Fiseguri discovered BLU-82
17th Pirates boosted patch
21st Kyouhen discovered ANFO
25th BLU-82 Corp. guild created
nicbor discovered Anise
5th Cannon mine patch
13th Hormiga discovered Scarab
Morpheus discovered Syringe Gun
18th Fishing patch
21st Xeonrf discovered Mace
Morpheus discovered Scout
Corestar79 discovered Rocket Launcher
29th Equipment duplicating patch
16th Manifest discovered Steamship
17th Adam discovered Tank
20th Mega Bulk patch
Navan discovered Mounted Gun
27th Kiwi guild created
Assorted Zoo Creatures guild created
Explosives guild created
Equipment guild created
28th Lucky guild created
29th Leaders guild created
Justice Ghosts guild created
31st Kiralyn2000 discovered Fabled Boots
1st Kurupt55 discovered Cockroach
4th Asarathi discovered Legendary Light
20th Jaman discovered Frigate
25th Corestar79 discovered Rocket Launcher
3rd Hormiga discovered June Bug
7th Hormiga discovered Violin
17th Random battle time patch
22nd Hunters guild created
27th Repo guild created
30th Bug mines guild created
31st Vehicle guild created
4th Marbles discovered Bagpipes
9th RedTrev discovered Legendary Boots
15th Factory patch
R Chicken discovered Legendary Pickaxe
26th Ned discovered Legendary Hardhat
4th Ned discovered Legendary Tool Belt
22nd Aicraft patch
14th Jimmy Blowtorch discovered Sentry Gun.
Flyers guild created
16th Noob guild created
28th Vehicle guild created (first disbanded)
3rd Scipio discovered Brown Recluse
Invictus12 discovered Legendary Cart
18th Asarathi discovered Legendary Drill
Miners of carnage guild created