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file:mine.gif Starter mine

The starter mine is what all players start with. It is only useful for melding into starter melds and mining gold. The only exception is the raft or mule, which can be used as a yellow ship or vehicle. Starter items are usually worth very little, and it's suggested that new players mine gold in this mine instead of things. One of the few useful things about having a few starter mines is that you can get more cheap, and if you get a rare item, you can sell it quickly. This is because richer players might want to get more melds, and starter melds are the easiest to get.

The starter mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Equipment mine

One of the better mines, equipment can be used to boost your BPH, and it can also be melded into equipment melds. High rarity equipment generally stays expensive for a long time, so mining equipment can be quite profitable.

The equipment mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Bugs mine

Bugs are only used for melding into bug melds.

The bugs mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Vehicles mine

Vehicle mines are an expensive, and important mine in minethings. With them, you can acquire vehicles, which you can then use to travel on land. They are also almost required if you want to be red+ trader, guard or highwayman, because these vehicles are not often available on the market.

The vehicles mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Weapons mine

The weapons mine is also an important mine, because weapons are an important part of combat. Weapons have two stats, offense, and defense, and as the name implies, offense helps you attack, and defense helps you defend yourself from attack. This is only true for land combat however - on sea, the strength of a weapon is its offense and its defense added up.

The weapons mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Spices mine

The spices mine is an cheap mine on Aso and Bromo, and the most expensive mine on Calbuco and Dempo. Spices are only used for melding into Spice Melds.

The spices mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Music mine

Music items are solely used for melding into Music Melds.

The music mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Gadgets mine

This is an medium price mine, that gives you special Gadgets. Each gadget does something different, and only lasts a certain amount of time.

The gadgets mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Explosives mine

An expensive mine that gives you Explosives, which you can later detonate in other mines. Explosives give you more items depending on the rarity of the explosive is. Explosives can be very profitable, either by selling them or by detonating them in other mines.

The explosives mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Mods mine

A moderately priced mine that gives you mods, which can be attached to vehicles to modify their base statistics. They are a vital part of land combat.

The mods mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Ships mine

A very important mine. ships are used for sea travel. Ships are required for the professions merchant, pirate, bounty hunter and fisherman. Unlike vehicles, ships can be destroyed by sinking them with cannons, but fishermen can later pick up whatever got sunk with the boat (including any attached cannons if they're carrying Bait. Ships are very important to the game, as they are the only way (besides the raft) to transport things by sea.

The ships mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Cannons mine

Just like weapons, cannons are very important for sea combat. Unlike weapons, cannons cannot be used for land combat. Cannons only have effect if you have ammunition on board.

The cannons mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Bait mine

The bait mine is used for fishing. While fishing with bait, your bait will eventually be replaced by a fish of the corresponding color, or if you're lucky, treasure from sunken ships.

The bait mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Machines mine

Machines are used by pilots to extract oil from the ground.

The machines mine is found in:

file:mine.gif Avatar mine

Avatars can be used to make your profile look better. Currently, their only actual use is to give you 25 more inventory capacity. For this you need a background, border & model.

The avatar mine is found in:

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