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Mining robots are what mine for you. They will mine day and night non-stop, and will mine as long as your batteries are running. Your batteries can be recharged simply by clicking the "findings" tab. Your mining robots can only mine three mine sat one time, and mine at 25bph (buckets per hour). This can be increased by moving to the city your mines are located in (giving a +5bph bonus to all mines in the city you move to), and by using equipment (which boosts your bph according to the color of the equipment your using. Equipment doesn't stack.

Special mining robots

Special mining robots can be produced in a factory using ore, which will mine damaged items for you. While normal bots only find undamaged items, and consider damaged items useless dirt, these special bots can find damaged items too, which can be repaired in a factory for ore. Special mining robots come in different models, ranging for MR3 to MR30, with higher numbers finding more damaged items. The MR# is decided by the number of melds you have, so if you have 30 melds, you make MR3's, but if you have 0 melds, you'll make MR9's. Special mining robots require 5 ore and 7500 components to produce.