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Mining robots are what mine for you. They will mine day and night non-stop, and will mine as long as your batteries are running. Your mining robots can only mine three mine sat one time, and mine at 25bph (buckets per hour). This can be increased by moving to the city your mines are located in (giving a +5bph bonus to all mines in the city you move to), and by using equipment (which boosts your bph according to the color of the equipment your using. Equipment doesn't stack.

MR 12


Your batteries are what run your mining robots, if they run out, your bots will stop mining and you'll stop finding things. Your batteries can be recharged simply by clicking the "findings" tab. At first, your maximum battery life is 16 hours, meaning your going to have to check at least once a day to keep them running. This time can be increased by getting more melds, which will increase your battery life by 1 hour per meld. You can also buy temporary battery extensions in the shop that will give you 10 days of battery life each. These are only temporary, but can be helpful if your going on vacation or will be away from a computer for a long period of time, allowing your mining robots to keep mining despite you not being there to recharge them. Each extension costs 9 credits.

BPH(Buckets Per Hour)

BPH is how many buckets of dirt your mining robots pull out of the Earth per hour. On average, you will find an item for every (insert # of buckets here) buckets. Your mining robots start out with a base 25BPH, but this can be increased by A) By moving to the city where your mines are, which will give you +5 BPH to all mines you have in that particular city. B) By buying equipment which will increase your BPH according to the color tier it is. There are seven types of equipment, and each one can only be used once per mine. The best equipment you have will automatically be used. C) By buying another mine, giving you another 25 BPH!

Special mining robots

Mining Robots are special robots built at factories by Manufacturers in Factories. They come in 28 varieties labeled MR 3, MR 4, etc. The level of the robot is determined by the number of melds owned by the Manufacturer (30-39 gives MR 3, 40-49 gives MR 4, etc. and since you cannot be a Manufacturer with less than 30 melds there is no MR 1 or MR 2). Building any robot requires 5 Ore and 5000 components. Mining robots replace your standard mining robot and have the ability to find damaged versions of normal items as they process buckets in your mine. Damaged items cannot be used or sold but they can be repaired by a Manufacturer at a factory with 1 Ore and 1000 components. Mining Robots can be bought and sold on the free market.

Bigrig73 made the first miner robot, an MR 12, with the first Damaged Item being Damaged TNT.