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OIL 1 barrel of Oil has several uses:

  • Vehicles, ships, and aircraft can be oiled to add 5 km/hr to speed for a number of trips depending on the tier. This does consume the oil.
 -Red+: 10 trips
 -Green/Blue: 30 trips
 -Yellow: 50 trips

Oiled transport can still have it's oil stolen as noted below.

  • When given to a factory worker, adds 1 cph until the contract expires. This does consume the oil.
  • When given to a bot, adds 10 bph for 5 days. This also consumes the oil.

Stealing Oil If the victim has non-weapon cargo and the victor has space, random non-weapon cargo will be moved to the victor's vehicle or ship until it's full. If instead there's no non-weapon cargo or no space for cargo and the victim has oil loaded, the victor will take that oil.