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From Navan's post:

When the third Orange Equipment find was made I figured why not try to detail all the orange finds made to date and maybe give a location for the people to post when they get an orange maybe in addition to the Lucky thread. To my knowledge this is what has been found and by who so far to date.

Due to the overwhelming number of BLU-82s from the explosive Mine, I've officially labeled using these abbreviation in the title E and NE used inside as well. Due to the latest patches (v2.1 Balance patch) I've broken Damaged into Mined and Vehicle Damaged. I've also included Sinking as well. Use the sinking, Squid and fishing stats to determine if there are Oranges still lurking under the sea to be retrieved.

E = Explosive; NE = Non-Explosive; M = Melds; H = Horded; MD = Mined Damaged; - = Currently this is not possible; VD = Vehicle Damaged. Vehicles only for now, if it ever changes column is available.

  • = Special sinking, ships only for now. Damaged state a ship can be sunk and recovered. #*# under Sunk column means Normal*Damaged

C = Classified; These finds are ones reported and verified either directly by myself, a forum mod, or Brett/Bob and posted here. Please note that BLU-82 classified items will be reported upon usage. The idea is to protect the item for as long as possible for maybe transport or for the fun of annoying stalkers. Brett and Bob have a good tendency of sniffing out said items, hence why I've included them for also reporting classifieds. This means if you choose to report to them they MUST hold confidentiality on the item leaving it for others to stalk. Granted be aware that any of those you trust could well spoil the fun and obviously you cannot classify publicly notified Oranges or Discoveries.

[code] Mine Item Discovered Discoverer #-Mined- #-Fished #---MD-- #---VD-- #--Sunk- Classified ---------- ---------- ---------- 0 0 0 0 0 Vehicle Assault Truck 4/11/2009 Adam 1 0 0 0 0 Explosives BLU-82 8/15/2009 Fiseguri 145 0 0 - 0 Bugs Scarab 9/13/2009 hormiga 2 0 0 - 0 Weapons Syringe Gun 9/13/2009 Morpheus 3 0 0 - 0 Equipment Legendary Light 11/ 4/2009 Asarathi 7 0 0 - 0 Music Bagpipes 1/ 4/2010 Marbles 1 0 0 - 0 Equipment Legendary Boots 1/ 9/2010 RedTrev 5 0 0 - 0 Equipment Legendary Pickaxe 2/15/2010 R Chicken 5 0 1 - 0 Equipment Legendary Hardhat 2/26/2010 Ned 3 0 0 - 0 Equipment Legendary Tool Belt 3/ 4/2010 Ned 3 0 1 - 0 Weapons Sentry Gun 3/14/2010 Jimmy Blowtorch 2 0 0 - 0 Bugs Brown Recluse 4/ 3/2010 Scipio 1 0 0 - 0 Equipment Legendary Cart 4/10/2010 invictus12 7 0 1 - 0 Equipment Legendary Drill 4/18/2010 Asarathi 4 0 0 - 0 Bait Squid 7/ 7/2010 Grimaud 4 0 3 - 0 Fish Blue Marlin 7/17/2010 macosten - 1 0 - 0 Fish Black Marlin 7/20/2010 neaera - 1 0 - 0 Bugs Trantula 7/23/2010 Diggerbot 2 0 0 - 0 Bugs Praying Mantis 8/24/2010 Rhodan 2 0 0 - 0 Ship Ironclad 10/ 5/2010 ThndrShk2k 1 * 1 - 0*0 Vehicle Jumper 10/12/2010 Bob Zane 1 0 0 0 0 Bugs Black Widow 10/18/2010 digger 1 0 0 - 0 Music Steel Drum 10/21/2010 PiemasterUK 1 0 0 - 0 Fish Spearfish 11/13/2010 Apocalypse - 4 0 - 0 Ship Clipper 11/18/2010 bamajj 1 *0 0 - 1*0 Spices Cardamom 11/29/2010 mira1 1 0 0 - 0 Avatar M. Banker Shirt 12/ 9/2010 coreyg426 1 0 0 - 0 Spices Saffrom 12/21/2010 tomm 1 0 0 - 0 Music Jaw Harp 1/23/2011 Wolvyrine 1 0 0 - 0 Ship Liner 1/28/2011 pennywiser 1 0 0 - 0 Avatar F. Banker 3/15/2011 coreyg426 1 0 0 - 0 Vehicle Thing 3 3/23/2011 Elliot 1 0 0 0 0 Spices Bayleaf 4/ 8/2011 Xeonrf 1 0 0 1 0 Fish G. Bluefin Tuna 5/ 3/2011 mpflug - 1 0 - 0 Ship Schooner 5/30/2011 Sensei PL 1 *0 0 - 0*0 Oranges Discovered on Bromo before Aso (Discoveries only, no stats) Spices Carraway 1/14/2011 DT Music Triangle 1/15/2011 ajntrw Weapons Flame Thrower 2/23/2011 Levi Strauss Ships Schooner 3/28/2011 ericbomb Music Bongo 4/30/2011 Studsmurf2

Note that Fish can never be mined.

Total NE finds to date: 68; Last found was Legendary Pickaxe on 4/23/2011 Total E finds to date: 145; Last found was BLU-82 on 5/18/2011 Total Classified finds to date: 0; Last found on --/--/----

Total MD finds to date: 3; Last found was Squid on 1/13/2011 Total VD finds to date: 0; Last Damaged was Thing 3 on 5/8/2011. Owner: Elliot; Breaker: Bubzee Total Oranges finds to date: 194

Total Oranges Sunk to date: 1 Last Sunk was Clipper on 12/16/2010. Owner: bamajj; Sinker: mpflug Total Fishing finds to date: 7 Last found was G. Bluefin Tune on 5/3/2010

NE Mine with most Orange finds: Equipment at 30 (Next Closest is Bugs at 4) Most Orange finds by a single Player: R Chicken at 14 (Next closest is Coprus at 11 and Morpheus at 9) Most Orange Discoveries by a single Player: Tie! Ned, Asarathi, and coreyg426 at 2 Shortest Duration between 2,3,4 Orange finds: Lexaunculpt at 1 min and 22 min. R Chicken at 19 hrs The Insanely Lucky: Those who find an Orange as their first find of the mine: PixelPigs

All possible but Cannons have had at least one Orange found! Cannons were patched to join the orange capable mines.

Impossible to get an Orange find on Starter and Gadgets.

Finds in 24 hours Name # Time Separation Lexaunculpt 3 1min, 22 min R Chicken 4 3.5min, 17 hrs, 19hrs Deathdoer1 2 3 hrs Morpheus 2 3min<time<1 hr

Bulk BLU-82 Blasts Kai641 - ? Y, ? G, 27 B, 8 R, 1 P, 0 O = ? total

Mega Bulk BLU-82 Blasts No one [/code] List of who has mined each given item (someone finding multiples of one are listed for each find). In order to the best of my knowledge. Max per row is 5 Miners. (D) indicates they found this item as damaged. [code] Mine Item Finder Vehicle Assault Truck Adam Explosives BLU-82 Fiseguri, Bigrig73, SilbySoft, Deathdoer1, Deathdoer1,

                                kai641, Marbles, Reddy33, Adagiorgasm, R Chicken,
                                HoboScience, Boydorn, R Chicken, R Chicken, Karubo, 
                                Silvadeath, RedTrev, Coprus, Boydorn, jhb, 
                                elint, R Chicken, Bob1234567890X, Kyouhen, Coprus, 
                                Sportsfan, Elliot, R Chicken, Dusty, Shea, 
                                Grungeking, ZooN, kinetic skink, Lexaunculpt, Lexaunculpt, 
                                R Chicken, R Chicken, R Chicken, R Chicken, lastig,
                                Grungeking, Coprus, Lexaunculpt, Lexaunculpt, Lexaunculpt,
                                Coprus, capitalisom, Bertybandit, Coprus, Coprus,
                                Coprus, Coprus, bashcs, vorladin, dudemus, 
                                vorladin, capitalisom, kampy, capitalisom, Hotrootsoup,
                                Furiouszap, Morpheus, chris2111, Coprus, Lexaunculpt,
                                Morpheus, Furiouszap, chris2111, Lostmaps, Shagwah,
                                Coprus, Soxjr, jimbobday, Hotrootsoup, dudemus,
                                Silverbugps, Lostmaps, Furiouszap, Lexaunculpt, kampy,
                                vorladin, Chabadega, Strommer, Dionil, AlexTheLion,
                                austin21, Kooll1, Morpheus, Morpheus, vorladin,
                                Soxjr, Alexandria, chuddayo, Cpl Punishment, KingDamo,
                                silvadeath, austin21, AlexTheLion, Shea, Dionil,
                                Morpheus, Alexandria, Silvadeath, Deathdoer1, Thundering Thor
                                Morpheus, Lostmaps, Thundering Thor, bubbles123, austin21, 
                                Morpheus, Strommer, Furriouszap, austin21, Lexaunculpt,
                                johka, Jaxom, Kkathrynn , Lexaunculpt , Shea,
                                Shea, Lexaunculpt, Shea, Lexaunculpt, Shea, 
                                RicoOnTheRocks, Cpl Punishment, Corpus, chuddayo, DoctrZombie
                                AlexTheLion, austin21, Furiouszap, Lexaunculpt, Jaxom
                                Coprus, AFinalSunset732, Terrian, Terrian, Austin21,
                                Serenity, Dionil, Terrian, Austin21, Austin21,
                                A????, Kai641, strommer, bmwheatly, Lexaunculpt

Bugs Scarab hormiga, majere Weapons Syringe Gun Morpheus, Morpheus, J Zender Equipment Legendary Light Asarathi, DiggerBot, FangGore, R Chicken, mooreaa,

                                hormiga, Scipio

Music Bagpipes Marbles Equipment Legendary Boots RedTrev, gunnysgt, DoctrZombie, ricthemoss Equipment Legendary Pickaxe R Chicken, R Chicken, Moondog64, hungovermarine(D), nlaren,


Equipment Legendary Hardhat Ned, gunnysgt, PixelPigs Equipment Legendary Tool Belt Ned, kelty13, Otakucode, Timing(D) Weapons Sentry Gun Jimmy Blowtorch, ??? Bugs Brown Recluse Scipio Equipment Legendary Cart invictus12, R Chicken, Timing, messbrutal, The Generaal,

                                ottomaton, avarcal(D), boudan

Equipment Legendary Drill Asarathi, fyxis, Asarathi, TheHatchetman, R Chicken Bait Squid Grimaud, neaera, dragonflysm, Apocolypse, rawww(D),

                                rawww(D), manifest(D)

Bugs Trantula Diggerbot, coney Bugs Praying Mantis Rhodan, Uvid Ships Ironclad ThndrShk2k Vehicle Jumper Bob Zane Bugs Black Widow digger Music Steel Drum PiemasterUK Ship Clipper bamajj Spices Cardamom mira1 Avatar M. Banker Shirt coreyg426 Spices Saffrom tomm Music Jaw Harp Wolvyrine Ship Liner pennywiser Avatar F. Banker coreyg426 Vehicle Thing 3 Elliot Spices Bayleaf Xeonrf Ship Schooner Sensei PL [/code] List of Orange items that have been fished up from the depths and by who. The bait someone used is listed in () after their name. S-Squid, E-Eel, H-Herring, M-Mullet, B-Ballyhoo and L-Lure. Being orange fish can technically become viable treasure for fish I will make a note when it's a known treasure find with *T* next to Bait used. Do note that it's next to impossible to know when an orange fish fished up with a Squid is truly treasure or not. It's a guess at best and would rely on the original person to own said fish to state theirs was sunk and where to have an idea if it might be a treasure find or not. [code] Item Type Item Fisher Fish Blue Marlin macosten(S) Fish Black Marlin neaera(S) Fish Spearfish Apocalypse(S), Apocolypse(S) Fish G. Bluefin Tuna mpflug(S) [/code] Orange Hoarders - Players who have had or currently do have 1 more then 1% of the max orange finds rounded. Mixed will depend on how many explosives vs non-explosives you based on the ratios of them applied to the max. Once thresholds no longer support your previous Max amount, you're gone from the list. If you do not meet the Current thresholds but do on max, Current goes to N/A.

Note: Percent used to allow for future hoarders to be more distinguishable. Must be verifiable for instance Orange weapons under armory must be listed (can be insane prices) and a non-biased player sees them. Multiple BLU-82s need to be verifiable, if going for Bulk Blows this is usually easy. [code] Thresholds: Current non-explosives hoarder threshold is 1%+1=0.62+1=1.62 rounded to 2 non-explosive Oranges Current explosives hoarder threshold is 1%+1=1.27+1=2.27 rounded to 2 explosive Oranges Current 75/25|66/33|50/50|33/66|25/75 thresholds are: 2|2|2|2|2 Oranges. (For reference)

Current/Past Hoarders Furiouszap - 7 Current, Max 7 (6 BLU-82s AND 1 Jaw Harp) Coprus - 6 Current, Max 6 (6 BLUs) R Chicken - 3 Current, Max 7 (3 BLU-82 day he had at one point 2 BLUs 5 legendary. Has since found 1 Extra Legendary and used 3 in Melds) Ned - 2 Current, Max 2 Jaxom - 0 Current, Max 21 (21 BLUs saved for 2 bulk blows) Morpheus - 0 Current, Max 10 (10 BLUs saving for Bulk Blast?) Kai641 - 0 Current, Max 10 (8/15/10 he used 10 BLUs in the first ever Bulk BLU-82 blast) Brett - 1 Current, Max 2 (Ironclad and a BLU?)

      • Special Note: Brett provided transport for Jaxom's 21 BLUs, he had 22 Oranges from this, but only the Ironclad was his and thus the rest cannot be counted.

[/code] Though equipment discoveries have long allowed for the creation of an Orange meld, the first ever Orange melds (two Equipment ones) were made by R Chicken due to the discovery of Praying Mantis by Rhodan on 8/25/2010 which allowed for the first ever non Equipment Orange Meld. R Chicken created Canary Juice and Bucket Buster (***he will need to illustrate which was first***) on 8/25/2010. These required the use of three Legendary pieces of Equipment, Boots, Pickaxe and Light. R Chicken had found both the Pickaxe (***Anyone recall when he found this and the Light?***) and Light, but acquired the Boots (***unknown who found the ones he bought and when and for what***). Predator shall retain some glory being the first non-equipment Orange meld. The Predator meld was created on 8/30/2010 by Rhodan after he discovered the Praying Mantis on 8/24/2010.

The first of each Orange Meld in each mine will be recorded, but R Chicken's two Equipment melds and Predator are the only major note worthy historic melds to be listed with this level of detail. The rest will be listed below with their date and by who. Beyond that Orange melds must be current melds to be listed (ie move and break the meld means removal though inactivity will not). Firsts on any melds need to be a serious meld and not one broken apart a short while later for selling or using. For now I'm leaning towards a one month requirement.

      • Discuss if you feel it should be longer then one month on Meld Firsts. ***

[code] Equipment Mine Orange Melds - First: Tie Canary Juice and Bucket Buster +Canary Juice by R Chicken on 8/25/2010 +Bucket Buster by R Chicken on 8/25/2010 Bug Mine Orange Meld - First: Predator +Preadator by Rhodan on 8/30/2010

Current Orange Melds +R Chicken with Canary Juice, Bucket Buster and Predator +Rhodan with Predator [/code] Lets get to work and find those missing oranges folks! And keep in mind that just because explosives has an insane number, does not mean Oranges are easy to find, rather look up information about chaining explosives. Also sorted by discovery date for now. Any orange items I'm missing let me know. I'll try to update as people post new finds. [code] 5/15/2011 Congrats to Uvid for finding a praying mantis then selling it for 50k to R Chicken who gets congrats on the second Predator meld and his third orange meld.

5/12/2011 Updates, one BLU found by an A name I cannot recall (not Austin21).

5/5/2011 Updates made, Check for errors.

4/12/2011 Congrats to Xeonrf for discovering bayleaf. Also congrats to Manifest for finding a damaged squid and to boudan for the Legendary Cart. A ton of people found blu's but I do not have all the names there.

3/28/2011 Congrats to avarcal for discovering the Damaged Legendary Cart and to AlexTheLion for finding a BLU-82.

Also special congrats to ericbomb for discovering the last Orange ship Schooner over on Bromo.

3/25/2011 Congrats to DZ on finding a BLU-82 and to J Zender for the newest Syringe Gun. That makes 3 known of them, wonder where those other two have gotten too. :/

3/23/2011 Congrats go to the following: (Check for errors)

Congrats for finding BLU-82s: Lexaunculpt , Shea, Shea, Lexaunculpt, Shea, Lexaunculpt, Shea, RicoOnTheRocks, Cpl Punishment, Corpus, chuddayo Congrats for discovery F. Banker: Coreyg426 Congrats for finding Legendary Boots: Grimaud Congrats for discovery Thing 3: Elliot (damn you I wanted that :P )

2/21/2011 Opps, nearly a month, ah well. Please keep reporting. Congrats to the new additions! BLU-82s - austin21, Lexaunculpt Tarantula - coney Legnedary Drill - R Chicken

1/28/2011 Yeesh, a lot of finds since the last update. Watch out for errors. Congrats go out to Wolvyrine for finding the Jaw Harp and pennywiser for finding the Liner. Also congrats to these people (bubbles123, austin21, Morpheus, Strommer, Furriouszap) for finding BLU-82s.

1/19/2011 Congrats to Austin for finding a BLU-82.

Congrats to Thundering Thor for finding his second BLU-82.

Congrats to Lordbubbly on finding a Damaged Ironclad and to Morpheus and Lostmaps on finding BLU-82s. Morpheus is now up to 8 Orange finds, believe putting him in third on most orange finds.

1/15/2011 Congrats to raww for fishing up 2 Spearfish.

Also congrats to ajntrw for finding a Triangle on Bromo, the second Orange to not be discovered yet on Aso.

1/13/2011 Congrats to raww for finding 2 Damaged Squids now!

Also congrats to DT for finding the first Orange never found on Aso, the Caraway spice!

1/6/2011 Congrats to Apoc for finding a Squid apparently as he fished up a second Spearfish.

1/1/2011 Congrats to Thundering Thor for the first orange of 2011!

12/28/2010 Congrats to Deathdoer1 for finding his third BLU-82.

12/25/2010 A Christmas present, the person who requested classification has willingly allowed me to say what it was, though you still have to look. They do not wish to be hounded (and I've tried) for buy requests so they remain unnamed.

12/22/2010 Congrats to Silvadeath (twice!) and ???. ??? is someone who just reported an Orange find to me that they do not wish to have displayed. That said it's been verified by me and is left for stalkers to try and find the unknown Orange. With that I've added an extra category to display Classified/Unknowns under.

12/21/2010 I've changed formats further. I've added in numbers due to vehicle damage as well as sinking. Note that Vehicle Damage column is only avaiable for vehicles, why include everything? Well perhaps Japhet in the future might add in the ability to cause colateral damage to cargo. Also Ships being sunk are naturally unrecoverable, but a damaged ship being transported somewhere for repair and sunk will be. Use the fishing, sunk and Mined columns (especially Squid for Orange fish) to determine if any Oranges are available to recover.

May eventually create a special damaged/sunk section if enough ever are.

Congrats to tomm for discovering Saffrom! Also congrats to Alexandria for finding a BLU-82.

Also I've done away with the *** *** markers and am putting the item name in the subtext for each below instead. updating that marker is to much of a pain and only non-explosive mines can change for now.

12/17/2010 Jaxom is now up to 14 BLUs O.o

12/12/2010 An excellent and momentous day today on the Orange find Front. The 100th Known BLU-82 was found by Dionil and the 50th known Non-explosive find was made by ottmaton! Congrats you two!

12/10/2010 Congrats to Otakucode for finding a Legendary Tool Belt!

12/9/2010 Special congrats to coreyg426 for finding the first Orange Avatar as well as providing the final piece of evidence that Banker will indeed be the second 50 meld profession choice, hereby ending all debate.

12/7/2010 Additional Congrats to Shea for finding the 99th BLU. Next BLU-82 means 100 known BLUs have been found!

Congrats to austin21 and AlexTheLion for find BLUs, 2 moe to 100 BLUs!

12/3/2010 Congrats to Cpl Punishment and KingDamo for finding 2 more BLUs (and to Cpl for the 140th Orange find).

Additional congrats to silvadeath.

12/1/2010 Congrats to The Generaal for find a Legendary Cart and to mira1 for discovering the first Orange Spice!

11/27/2010 Congrats to chuddayo for finding his first BLU-82.

11/26/2010 Congrats to Alexandria for finding a BLU-82 and TheHatchetman for finding a Legendary Drill. Also congrats to Jaxom for 12 Orange items hoarded.

11/24/2010 Congrats to vorladin and Soxjr for finding BLU-82s.

11/23/2010 Congrats to Morpheus the latest to join the 2 Oranges in 24 hours club. The time on his was somewhere from 3min to 1 hour. If anyone, including Morpheus, can get me the exact time, please do. Further congrats on having 5 BLUs prior to this and not being spotted till now by the Stalkers.

11/21/2010 Jaxom hit 11 BLUs now

11/20/2010 Jaxom hit 10 BLUs now, I suspect there will be a huge crater in one of the cities in a few days for the second Bulk BLU blow.

11/18/2010 Congrats to bamajj for finding the second Orange ship, the Clipper. As fast as a Yacht and a damn sight meaner.

Congrats it seems to nlaren for finding a legendary pickaxe at some point.

11/17/2010 Congrats to Kooll1 for his first Orange find and the 130th overall orange find.

11/15/2010 Congrats to Chabadega, Strommer, Dionil, and AlexTheLion for all finding BLU-82s. And congrats to messbrutal for finding a Legendary Cart. Also the third squid has now been used to find a Spearfish for a new discovery, congrats to Apocalypse.

Congrats also go to austin21 for finding a BLU-82 as well.

11/12/2010 Congrats to vorladin for finding another BLU-82. Number 81 on explosives and 123 on total.

11/11/2010 Congrats to Asarathi for his third Orange find and for his second Legendary Drill!

11/10/2010 Congrats to dragonflysm who found the latest Squid. Purchased to my understanding by devo16 who will likely have the next Orange fish find. Note that this is offically the 40th non-damaged non-explosive orange.

11/10/2010 Congrats to Kampy for finding a BLU-82 yesterday! That was the 80th known BLU everyone. 20 more till 100 BLU-82s and thus 100 Orange explosives.

11/8/2010 Congrats to Furious and Lex for finding BLU-82s and to Jaxom for reaching 8 hoarded BLUs. 2 more to Jaxom and he'll be the second to have enough for a Bulk BLU and likely the second to do a Bulk BLU blow.

11/5/2010 Congrats to the following: jimbobday found a BLU-82 around 10/25/2010 Hotrootsoup found a BLU-82 somewhere around 10/29/2010 (2 weeks prior to this update) dudemus found a BLU-82 on 10/29/2010 Silverbugps found a BLU-82 on 11/2/2010 Lostmaps found a BLU-82 on 11/4/2010

10/20/2010 Congrats to PiemasterUK for discovering the Steel Drum, now let's make some more music people! Piemaster be sure to bang away on dat dar drum and make some pleasin music.

10/20/2010 Congrats to Corpus and Soxjr for finding BLU-82s. It should be noted that Coprus is now 3 finds behind R Chicken!

10/19/2010 Congrats to digger for discovering the last Orange bug! With this the Bug mine joins Explosives, Equipment and Bait (in that order) of being 100% discovered orange capable mines.

10/18/2010 Congrats to Shagwah on his first orange find of a BLU-82!

10/17/2010 Congrats to hungovermarine for discovery the first ever Damaged Orange find, a Damaged Legendary Pickaxe!

10/13/2010 Congrats to Bob Zane on the second ever orange vehicle find, the Jumper! A new orange that makes all but the Scout tremble with fear. Also congrats to Lostmaps who found his first orange, a BLU-82.

10/11/2010 Congrats to Scipio for finding a Legendary Light and to PixelPigs with the unbelievable stroke of luck and finding a Legendary Hardhat as hit first ever equipment mine find! Now listed after The Insanely Lucky, this will be only those who can prove that they found it as their first find of a new mine.

10/7/2010 A very special Congrats to ThndrShrk2k for finding the first ever Orange Ship, the mighty Ironclad!

10/7/2010 Congrats to chris2111 for his second BLU-82 find, the 68th BLU. Congrats to Furiouszap true finder of the 67th BLU and the 100th known Orange find!!!!

10/5/2010 Congrats to hormiga for finding his second Orange a Legendary Light. This puts us at 99 orange finds!

10/2/2010 Congrats to Morpheus for finding another BLU-82!

10/1/2010 Congrats to Lexaunculpt for the latest BLU-82 find. As of now I'm separating into a E-Explosive and NE-Non-Explosive category for everything.

9/27/2010 Congrats to Coprus for his 9th Orange find. Rat he's gaining on you, only 4 more finds for him to tie. Also note that it's 4 more finds till 100 Orange.

9/27/2010 Updated to include Jaxom's new hoard amount and also recognizing the achievement of 1 month held for the First orange melds.

9/26/2010 Busy weekend it seems: Congrats to Morpheus and chris2111 on their BLU-82 finds and congrats to fyxis for finding the second ever Legendary Drill.

9/22/2010 Congrats to Furiouszap for finding his first orange item.

9/21/2010 Congrats to Hotrootsoup for finding the 60th known BLU-82 and his first! Umm dang, congrats to capitalisom for finding another BLU-82 in 2 days! With this find with this that BLUs are going to soon hit and stay above 2/3s of the orange finds alone.

9/19/2010 Congrats to kampy for finding a BLU-82! Congrats to majere for finding the second Scarab. Congrats to capitalisom for finding another BLU-82!

9/15/2010 Congrats to Timing for finding a Legendary Cart!

9/13/2010 Congrats to vorladin and dudemus for their latest orange finds!

9/11/2010 Congrats to vorladin for the assumed orange find!

9/9/2010 Congrats to bashcs for their first orange find!

Update 9/7/2010 Congrats to Coprus for finding his 8th Orange! Seems R Chicken has competition coming now!

Update 9/5/2010 Congrats to Coprus for finding his 7th Orange!

Update 9/2/2010 Congrats to Coprus for finding his 6th Orange and the 50th BLU-82. He's roughly half way up on R Chicken and now #2.

8/30/2010 The third Orange meld, Predator, requiring a Praying Mantis was created by Rhodan. Congrats!

Update 8/27/2010 Congrats to Coprus for finding his 5th Orange!

Update 8/25/2010 Well to not be outdone, R Chicken has created 2 Orange Equipment melds. Congrats! However, for his record to stand here, he must willingly hold them for at least one month (not to mention be willing to redo his Ore melds). Please discuss if you feel it should be longer, this time will be used for all First never before created Meld (unless someone doesn't meant the time requirement).

Update 8/24/2010 Congrats to Rhodan for discovering the Praying Mantis, which allows for the first ever Orange Bug Meld. With this I'm renaming the topic to be Orange Stats and have included a Meld section. First ever Orange melds for each mine will be listed for historic, while anyone with current orange melds will be listed (whether active or not). Equipment Orange melds _must_ be a serious commitment. Please note till Rhodan decides to keep or sell I will be leaving the section somewhat unfinished.

Update 8/23/2010 Congrats to capitalisom for the latest BLU-82 find. Three quarters of a way to 100 Orange finds!

Update 8/21/2010 Comgrats to mooreaa for finding the 5th Legendary Light.

Update 8/17/2010 Congrats to Coprus for their second BLU-82.

Also major format change done. New Hoarder section and Bulk BLU blows.

Update 8/12/2010 Further congrats today to R Chicken for his 13th overall orange find and his 4th Equipment find. As of now R Chicken is only 2 Orange pieces away from a Fully decked out Legendary Bot. O.o

Update 8/12/2010 Lexaunculpt has gone and done the unthinkable and blew R Chicken's Orange time records for 2 and 3 orange finds out of the water. Congrats! Will R Chicken let this stand??? Also congrats to Lexaunculpt for 5 orange finds.

Update 8/4/2010 Congrats to Coprus for the latest BLU-82 find.

Update 8/2/2010 Congrats to Grungeking for the latest BLU-82 find.

Update 8/1/2010 Congrats to FangGore who made a Legendary Light find at some unknown time. Also thanks to Scatz for catching this find.

Update 7/31/2010 Congrats to kelty13 for find a Legendary Tool Belt.

Update 7/23/2010 Congrats to Diggerbot for discovering the third orange Bug!

Update 7/21/2010 Congrats to lastig for finding the 40th known BLU-82! He did this by giving into the sweet sweet temptation of blowing a C-4 in an explosives mine and chaining the results.

In other news, R Chicken made a last valiant attempt at a 5th BLU for at least 36 hours, but came up short. His record will now stand likely unchallenged for some time to come till he gets in the mood to challenge it himself again.

Slight modification. I've decided to stick with listing 5 names max per line under the individual finds section. This really only matters in terms of BLU-82s. Further this should keep it from wrapping weird most everyone that browses the sight on anything but netbooks and mobiles.

Update 7/20/2010 R Chicken has gone and done it yet again. 19 hours after his first BLU-82 find of the latest explosive set and he's found a 4th. Further neaera has fished up the second orange find, a Black Marlin. Congrats you two!

Update 7/20/2010 R Chicken has gone and done it more it seems. Not even 17 hours old and he adds a third BLU-82 to his recent finds! Congrats!

Update 7/19/2010 R Chicken has done the impossible. 10 Orange Finds!, 60 Known Orange finds! 1/6th of the total finds. Of all things and what was the impossible was he found 2 in 3.5 Minutes! The only way to really beat this is to chain more explosive faster or get 2 or more in one blow! Due to this I've now added in a finds in 24 hour section allowing Death and Lex to still hold on.

Update 7/17/2010 Congrats to neaera who pulled up a second squid! She's calling for bids it seems based on Lucky post. Here's your chance to make it to this list!

Update 7/17/2010 Using the first ever Squid macosten has pulled up a G. Blue Marlin. Congrats. With this I have now added a special fishing subsection where people who use Bait can be recognized for either pulling orange treasure or orange fish. It's not exactly a mine so it won't be included beyond the Squid's count into total orange find numbers, but it will indeed be included in it's own count.

Update 7/13/2010 Only 15hours later and Lexaunculpt catapults himself into the elite club of 2 orange finds and with Death for 2 finds in a 24 hour period, though death still holds that at a 3 hour separation. Congrats on the incredible luck!

Update 7/12/2010 Congrats to Lexaunculpt for finding of a BLU-82!

Update 7/7/2010 Congrats to Grimaud for finding the Orange Bait, the Squid, making Bait the second Orange based mine with everything now discovered. With this I have prepared the above for when ever someone fishes with said Bait and discovers the first Orange fish.

Update 7/6/2010 Congrats to kinetic skink for the latest orange find of BLU-82. Avatar now listed with the currently no Orange finds group.

Update 7/4/2010 Congrats to ZooN for the latest Orange find of a BLU-82.

Update 6/26/2010 Congrats to Grungeking for finding another BLU-82!

Update 6/26/2010 Congrats to Dusty for making the 50th known orange find and to Shea for making the 30th known explosive find!

Update 6/22/2010 Congrats to R Chicken for his 8th Orange find O.o

Update 6/17/2010 Congrats to Elliot for the latest BLU-82 find. Note Sportsfan had found a BLU-82 in between the last update and this one, it wasn't updated fully till now.

Update 6/1/2010 Congrats to ricthemoss(Legendary Boots) and Coprus (BLU-82) for finding the latest oranges. We're at 45 known finds everyone! Who'll be the one to hit orange find number 50?

Addition: Kyouhen found a BLU-82 at some point that wasn't included. Now included.

Update 5/29/2010 Congrats to gunnysgt (and thanks to Bob for spying it) on the finding of a Legendary Hardhat.

Update 5/25/2010 Second Update for the day. Congrats to Bob1234567890X for finding the 42nd orange over all. Surely Bob's not the answer. O.o

Congrats to R Chicken for his 4th BLU-82 find and his 7th overall orange find! Now someone come on and take away his commanding orange lead! ;-)

Update 5/19/2010 Congrats to elint for the latest BLU-82 find and also to the 40th known Orange! We're over 50% BLU-82 as well now! Though missed, the explosive BLU-82 became 50% of the finds when Boydorn found his.

Update 5/18/2010 Just adding Red's name in since his BLU-82 was finally seen by someone. As of now if you want to keep the count accurate but don't want your name listed, let me know. I will add a blank spot as Red was original name, , name, indicating someone found said item but are not being listed. If it becomes known to everyone then it goes in.

Update 5/17/2010 Congrats to jhb for the latest Orange find! It should also be pointed out that this is the 20th known BLU-82 found!

Update 5/13/2010 Congrats to Boydorn for the latest Orange find!

Update 5/11/2010 Congrats to Coprus for the latest Orange find!

Update 5/5/2010 Congrats to Moondog64 for finding a Legendary Pickaxe which makes Orange #35 to my knowledge.

Update 5/3/2010 Congrats to R Chicken for his 6th find!!! Also congrats to Karubo and Silvadeath for finding BLU-82s.

Also format change to current discovery list where text wrapping is now indented when so many people find said item.

Update 4/21/2010 R Chicken, keep this up and we'll have to find a way to prove you're cheating. ;) Anyway Congrats to your fifth orange find!!!!!!!!! If R Chicken keeps this up, he may beat the 3 hour separation record as well (11 hours on these two).

Update 4/20/2010 R Chicken, We hate you. :P Okay okay Congrats to your fourth! orange find and for also finding the 30th orange too!

Update 4/20/2010 Congrats to Boydorn for finding a BLU-82. This now makes Explosives take the lead. Next person to find an Orange will be finding the 30th Orange too!

Update 4/19/2010 Congrats to HoboScience for finding a BLU-82 and also for tieing Equipment and Explosives.

Update 4/18/2010 Special Congrats to Asarathi, first for discovering the final missing piece of equipment and second for becoming the second player with 2 discoveries, tieing with Ned (heat is on between you two to break the tie ;) ). Further an unknown BLU-82 was sold at least once maybe twice. Still attempting to convince Kai to tell me who it came from to find out if it's a find or simply one of the above BLU-82 owners having kept their prize hidden.

Update 4/12/2010 Congrats to DiggerBot for the latest Orange find and finding a Legendary Light. With this find Equipment and Explosives are once again tied, now at 10 finds each! Lets get a huntin on those other mines people!

Update 4/10/2010 Congrats to DoctrZombie, invcitus12 (a discovery!) and R Chicken. Further Congrats to R Chicken for now becoming the first player with 3 known orange finds! Also Congrats to all three for finding equipment oranges all in one day and bringing the total mine finds up to 9. One more orange equipment find and they'll be tied again with Explosives!

Update: 4/3/2010 Congrats to Scipio for the latest Orange discovery of a Brown Recluse. Don't let it bite you now!

Also thanks to nlaren for catching a mistake in the post above.

Update: 3/25/2010 Congrats to R Chicken for the latest orange find of a BLU-82. We're almost to 50% of the total Orange finds as BLU-82, lets make that 50% or say heck to BLUs and find other oranges. :P Also one of you with 2 Orange finds, find a third already so we can clear the category and crown you the new head of Orange finds.

Update: 3/25/2010 Congrats to Adagiorgasm for the latest orange find of a BLU-82.

Update: 3/24/2010 Congrats to Reddy33 for the latest orange find of a BLU-82 and to Marbles who found a BLU-82 as well at some point.

Update: 3/14/2010 Congrats to Jimmy Blowtorch for the latest orange discovery of Sentry Gun, defense 4 attack 2!

Update: 3/11/2010 Format change, if you examine bottom of the code block all finders are now listed of each item. Also added in shortest duration between 2 Orange finds to give Deathdoer1 the by far luckiest category there is. I feel this should stand even if his account was reset as the BLUs were found, stolen (and stolen again) and used.

Update: 3/4/2010 Congrats to Ned for now matching the previous great lucks on Orange finds by a single player! The elite group is Morpheus, Deathdoer1 and now Ned all at 2 Orange finds each! Also Ned now holds the top distinction of having the most Orange Discoveries of any player at 2.

Also added in 3 addition categorizes. Mine with most Orange finds, Players with most Orange finds and Players with most Orange Discoveries. Also including date in Title now and changed Title to be "Orange Finds: Updated --/--/----"

Update: 2/26/2010 Congrats to Ned for the newest orange find!

Update: 2/23/2010 Congrats to R Chicken for the newest orange find and to Kai641 for the 6th BLU-82. Also slight modification to include total orange finds to date.

Update: 1/21/10 Congrats to Deathdoer1's and his absolutely INSANE luck of finding a SECOND BLU-82 in 1 week.

Update: 1/20/2010 New format and includes the newest BLU-82 find.[/code] If you are interested in keeping the counts up to date, but don't want everyone to know about your latest Orange find let me know. I will do a blank entry into the listings with no forced update to the list. Depending on the Orange, someone may spot it eventually, but for the most part it may go unnoticed. If it's consumable, a BLU-82 for instance, and you want to keep it secret till you use it and are willing to inform me, I'll keep the update completely off the list till it's safe and used. Note that I will not abuse this so you will be free to move it what ever way you wish. However, I recommend speaking with Kurupt or myself for land transport and maybe Oradow, Megadude, nlaren, Kai641 or Manifest for sea transport. There is also the option of a massive bubble on either route set.