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Pirating includes both the land profession Highwayman, and the sea profession Pirate.

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Why Pirate?

Pirating is often considered the most dangerous profession. An unprepared Pirate can be in a heap of debt in one bad trip, and many beginner have chosen pirate, only to discover this, and quit the game when they owe players several hundred gold. Despite these risks, it is quite easy to have a good tip and run off with a trader's good, or a hunters weapons. it is considered dishonorable, but it can pull an easy profit.


The best way to pirate is to get a very powerful vehicle, but also with a good speed. Since a pirate only gets income by stealing cargo, they need to take as few weapons as possible. Often, a pirate will watch a player who has a valuable item, and have a Radar active. As soon as the player moves their item, the pirate checks the radar to see which route is most likely, and sends an interception force out.

Another strategy is to send a large force into either Trader's Tree or Pirate's Peak. On the way out, you target your targeted vehicles, Many traders consider these routes much safer, and thus bubble less efficiently. Many pirates make a killing doing this once in a while.

Please Note-General

The greatest danger is that Hunters can entirely fill their cargo with weapons, without decreasing their chance for profit. A hutner with a good vehicle and a cargo loaded with weapons can be a major risk to a pirate. Only pirate if you can afford the bounties.

List of bounties extracted from you

Yellow 5g
Green 25g
Blue 100g
Red 350g
Purple 1000g
Orange 2500g

As you can see, this increase is exponential, and higher level vehicles/ships are much more of a risk if beaten

Please Note-Sea

On the sea, the system changes somewhat. Since ships can be destroyed in battle, there is a greater risk of using more valuable ones. Also, other pirates may be of even greater risk at sea. A major advantage at sea, however, is the growing fishing market, where the expensive fish are being transported in large quantities.

Also note that there are no major Bounty Hunters

Please Note-Land

It is quite unlikely a land pirate will make a lot of gold immediately. in fact, without a good understanding of vehicle combat, you will quite likely lose a lot of gold.It takes a lot of luck t hit a trader early on, and chances are that many traders use more expensive vehicles to transport valuable goods