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Professions Summary

There are many different professions in Mine Things, which are: Bum, Trader, Highwayman, Guard, Merchant, Pirate, Bounty Hunter, Fisherman, Worker, Manufacturer, Banker, and Pilot. Each has different bonuses and advantages. Different professions are unlocked as you get more melds. New players start out as a miner with no benefits and are unable to use vehicles, ships, and aircraft until obtaining more melds.

Land Based Professions

Everyone starts out as a bum with 0 melds. You can try trading immediately as it too requires 0 melds but in order to change to other professions you need to obtain at least 10 melds. Once you've created the 10th meld, you can become a Worker or a Merchant. Each profession has it's advantages and disadvantages. It's suggested that beginners stay away from the highwayman profession as there is a big chance their vehicles will be damaged.


A bum can't use vehicles or ships and doesn't really do much of anything at all. They wander the streets of their home city and occasionally, they will come across some things that did not fit into a player's inventory. If a bum has room and more melds than any other bums who have found the loot, he will take it all for himself.


A trader specializes in bringing valuable things across great distances. He can carry anything in his vehicles except for other Vehicles or Ships.

  • 0 melds to unlock
  • Unagressive profession, only get's in fights when targeted

See Trading for more information


A highwayman specializes in pillaging. His vehicles can choose which classes of vehicles to pillage and will target those of any profession. They also select the maximum bribe they will pay when defeated by a guard. Upon success, they fill their cargo-holds to the brim with their victim's things.

  • 30 melds to unlock
  • Cannot carry anything except weapons, with the exception of items pillaged through successful combat.
  • Selectively aggressive profession, seeking combat based on vehicle color

See Pirating for more information


A guard restores order to the trade routes by attacking highwaymen. The guard selects a class of vehicle to attack before departure, as well as a minimum bribe. It will then attack any highwayman it approaches, and upon success they will either: Accept a bribe from the highwayman if the bribe is above their minimum, or damage the highwayman's vehicle if the bribe is not big enough.

  • 20 melds to unlock
  • Attacks only Highwaymen
  • Selectively aggressive profession, seeking combat based on vehicle color and profession
  • Takes items from defeated highwayman
  • Accepts bribes or damages a defeated highwayman

Sea Based Professions

Once you've reached 10 melds you get the option of starting your ocean based career - 10 melds unlocks the Merchant profession. Three of the sea professions are basically just sea equivalents of the land professions. Merchants are the sea based Traders, Pirates are the Highwaymen of the water, and Bounty Hunters are the Guards of the ocean. Fisherman is a unique profession though, as they are able to carry bait and collect fish. All sea based professions are able to mount cannons, and carry ammunition. Only the merchant is able to carry cargo in addition to weapons.


A merchant can use ships to transport items by sea.

  • 10 melds to unlock
  • Unagressive profession, only get's in fights when targeted

See Trading for more information


A pirate is the highwayman of the sea. Vessels can choose which classes of ships to hunt and will pillage any ships it successfully beats. A pirate can carry weapons and cannon balls. Pirates also get a 20% chance to score a critical hit when attacking with cannons. If a pirate cannot pay his debts, all his vehicles are grounded until he pays them off.

  • 30 melds to unlock
  • All ships receive a 10% chance to score a critical hit when attacking with cannons.
  • Cannot carry anything except cannons and ammunition, with the exception of items pillaged through successful combat
  • Selectively aggressive profession, seeking combat based on ship color

See Pirating for more information

Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter earns gold by defeating pirates. If they beat the pirate or sink the pirates ship they will receive a bounty based on the ship's class. If the pirate has insufficient gold to pay then the bounty hunter gets as much gold as the pirate can pay and a loan which will be paid off as soon as the pirate gains enough gold. A bounty hunter can carry weapons and cannon balls. See Hunting for more information.

  • 20 melds to unlock
  • Attacks only pirates
  • Selectively aggressive profession, seeking combat based on ship color and profession
  • pillages pirates if successful in combat

See Hunting for more information


A fisherman uses bait and catches fish from the sea. A fisherman can carry weapons, cannon balls, fish, and bait. As he travels there is a chance that he catches fish using the bait he has on board. If he catches a fish the bait will be replaced with the fish he caught. If he passes over a shipwreck then he also has a small chance of salvaging any items that may have sunk with the ship. See Fishing for more information.

Factory Professions

These professions are unlike all the prior professions. Upon reaching 10 melds, you can become a Worker. Workers sell their time in one-week contracts to Manufacturers. At 50 melds, one can become a Manufacturer. Manufacturers operate Factories, hire Workers, and produce more powerful Mining Robots. Neither of these professions is allowed to use any kind of vehicle, however.


A worker is a paid employee of a Manufacturer, and provide labour to produce components. Workers list themselves (just like an item) on the "Worker Market" in each city. A listing represents a contract to work for one week (168 hours starting from the time they are "bought") for a manufacturer. During their employ, a worker is assigned to a factory by the Manufacturer, where they generate components for whatever the Factory is working on (which can include building the factory itself). A worker's productivity is directly connected to their meld count -- a worker with 10-19 melds will make 1 component per hour(cph), workers with 20-29 meld make 2 cph, and so on. This makes high-level players far more valuable to manufacturers and also encourages high meld levels.

Often new players have trouble figuring out what a good price to list themselves as a worker is, and how much you can earn working. To see how much workers are selling for at all levels go to the factories tab in the vertical menu, and then "Hire more workers". This will give you an overview of all the worker markets, from which you can look at each specific market more closely.

Also here is a quick look to how much components each worker produces:

CPH Components Produced in 1 week!
1 168
2 336
3 504
4 672
5 840
6 1008
7 1176
8 1344
9 1512
10 1680
11 1848
12 2016
13 2184
14 2352
15 2520
16 2688
17 2856


A manufacturer has many options available to him. Using Ore excavated on Daigard isle, they can build a factory. Here, new and improved Mining Robots and Ore Melds are developed and damaged items are repaired. To build a factory, one needs 20 Ore and 9000 components. Components are produced by workers, which can be hired at up to 7 at a time for 1-week contracts. Once a factory is built, Manufacturers can rent out their factory to other Manufacturers on the free market for one-week periods. They can also rent a factory themselves. To produce components for miner bots or melds, a manufacturer may hire Workers. Once enough components are produced at a factory, the Manufacturer may create a Miner Bot. The bot's level depends on the Manufacturer -- a Manufacturer with 50-59 melds builds MR5s, with 60-69 they build MR6s, and so forth. Higher level bots will find more items in mines, since they can locate damaged items. Any uncovered items or vehicles that are damaged can also be repaired at a factory for a certain number of components and ore.

Manufacturers also have access to special Ore Melds which can only be produced in their own factories.

Air Based Professions

There is currently only one air based profession, and that is the pilot. Once a miner has created 40 melds, they are able to become a pilot and can have up to 4 planes. For each 10 additional melds, the pilot is able to manage an additional plane in their squadron. The air based professions are heavily reliant upon the efforts of the manufacturer and workers. The planes and bombs are all created from ore and components and constructed in factories with the help of worker's components.


Pilots seek out and destroy the ore thieves' base then recover ore from the wreckage. Each pilot is required to locate the base on their own through the use of a Search Plane. Once the base has been discovered, the pilot can send out Bombers stocked with up to 4 bombs, either Flower bombs for smaller effect and lower cost, or the high powered Thumper bombs. Pilots should be on guard and watch out for the enemy AA guns though, as all aircraft risk being shot down near the ore thieves' base, but the shield gadget will reduce the risk of being shot down by 10%. Once the bombers have completely annihilated the base, a pilot can send in the Helicopters to pickup the ore, at up to 4 pieces at a time. After the last piece of ore has been recovered from the thieves' base, the pilot will start the process over by searching for the next base.

Pilot's are also now the only profession allowed to use Machines which are used to produce Oil.

Financial Professions

There is currently only one Financial based profession, and that is the banker. Once a miner has created 50 melds, they are able to become a banker and take deposits and give loans.


A banker provides loans and holds deposits for customers. They earn gold by having higher interest rates for loans than deposits. They must build their reputation by accepting deposits and paying them back on time. A banker's bank is listed above those of bankers with fewer melds.

Loans are initiated when a customer applies for one. This is done by clicking Banking, then "Apply for a loan." The customer decides how much gold they want to borrow (principle), how long they want it for (duration) and what monthly interest they are willing to pay (compounded daily). As they make these choices, they are informed of the number of weekly payments they will need to make, the amount they will need to pay each week, and the total cost of the loan. When the customer has finished deciding the terms, they will choose which banks they'd like to send the application to. They can send it to as many banks as they would like. If one bank accepts an application, the other applications are automatically deleted. Once they've sent the application, the bankers will be notified and can respond to the application either by approving it, modifying the terms (duration/interest) or rejecting it completely. If the banker modifies the terms, the customer will be notified and get a chance to either approve/modify/reject the application. Loan application modifications can go back and forth as many times as necessary for both parties to be satisfied with the terms.

Deposits are very similar to loans. A deposit is made when a customer wants to save his/her money at a bank. This is essentially a loan going the other direction. The main difference is that instead of being repaid on a weekly schedule, a deposit is paid back at the end of its duration. Customers should choose carefully who they deposit their money with, as a banker could decide to not repay the deposit at all. Customers should research their bank carefully by clicking on the Banks sub-tab within the Banking page. Bankers need to exercise the same sort of caution when approving loans. To help indicate a player's credit-worthiness, late payments are kept track of and are available to any bank at which a customer applies. "Late days" are accumulated each day that a loan or deposit is overdue. If the count reaches 90 days, then the loan is considered to have been defaulted and will stop accumulating late days. Also available is the banker's join date, gold balance, and total banking assets/liabilities. "Assets" means "what's owed to the banker" and is calculated as the total balance on all loans at their bank plus all personal deposits at other banks. "Liabilities" means "what the banker owes" and is calculated as the total balance on all deposits at their bank plus all personal loans from other banks.

Banking can be a very risky profession, as there is not currently a way to enforce collections on defaulted loans. However, with the right interest rates and reliable customers, banking can be very profitable. Loans are also a very useful tool in the community of miners. It allows new players to get started more quickly, and enterprising players to make investments, which will (hopefully) pay off in the long run.