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So you've scrimped and saved, and your miner bot could really use some oil, and you finally got a non-starter mine (Or you bought credits). Then you try to sell some stuff from your new mine, and find out that yellow items aren't worth but 1g, just like in the starter mine. Incredibly disappointing isn't it?

It doesn't have to be this way

The solution to the problem is simply patience. You're playing Mine Things; no matter how you slice it, you've got patience. You need to list your stuff at a higher price than the minimum and be willing to wait a few days.

Look at the sales history for your item, is it moving at 3-5 sales a day or better? List your items at a price equal to or a few gold above the lowest listing. You will most likely sell your items within a day or two. If you really feel like tweaking the market, buy up ten or so 1-3g items if that will clear up the listings to a useful degree. Does it appear that the market is being served by comparatively few regular suppliers? Coordinate with them. Are you jammed up against your inventory limit? Fill bids, or trash the stuff. Just don't undercut the going rate.

So what does this strategy accomplish?

You make more money. Even if you trash 8 1g items in order to sell one of the same item for 10g, you're ahead by 1g. If the majority of the suppliers for your item are pursuing the same strategy, you can make a lot more money. Depending on the effort involved (mainly transport between cities), 25-35g is a reasonable price for many yellow items.

This process also causes bidding wars. If an item that was previously 3g shoots up to 15g in the listings, someone is probably going to buy it anyway in a few days. Meanwhile someone else is going to bid 5g for it, and another person will bid 8g, etc etc. If your inventory limit is stressed you can fill these bids, and you're still making more than you would have otherwise.

Doesn't this only work if all the sellers are in on it?

So start talking to people. Point them at this page.

Yes, "rogue" sellers will come in and unload stuff at ridiculous prices. It might take 4-5 days to sell your items. Again, if you hit a wall with your inventory, fill out any bids that exist or trash the items. Just don't undercut the going rate.

But my inventory limit...

This guide is intended to help you get more gold out of the inventory space you have. Beyond that, Japhet has some nice inventory expansions here: [1]