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| [[File:StoneL1.png]] Travelled||Sent a vehicle, ship, or airplane
| [[File:StoneL1.png]] Travelled||Sent a vehicle, ship, or airplane
| [[File:StoneL1.png]] Worked||Got a job as a worker
| [[File:StoneL2.png]] Worked||Got a job as a worker
| [[File:StoneL2.png]] Banked||Repaid a loan/deposit of 1000g or more
| [[File:StoneL2.png]] Banked||Repaid a loan/deposit of 1000g or more

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Stones are earnable achievements that represent obstacles to your miner robot in your top mine of your home city. Each stone is worth 1/2 bph to the top mine in your home city when cleared. When a stone is cleared, a message is sent to the player indicating what stone has been completed. The easiest 6 stones to clear are listed on the Findings page of your home city.

Stone Reference

The following stones have been discovered as of 19 Dec 2012. They don't necessarily appear in the same order they appear on the Findings page. The stones may be cleared in any order and they don't need to be visible on your findings page to be cleared.

Stone Description!
StoneL1.png Chatted Said something in the chat box on the miners page
StoneL1.png Equipped Found something using a matching set of equipment, of any tier
StoneL1.png Liquidated Sold something to a bid
StoneL1.png Melded Created a meld
StoneL1.png Transported Arrived in a city with a non-weapon in your cargo
StoneL1.png Travelled Sent a vehicle, ship, or airplane
StoneL2.png Worked Got a job as a worker
StoneL2.png Banked Repaid a loan/deposit of 1000g or more
StoneL2.png Detonated Detonated an explosive
StoneL2.png Discovered Discovered every city on the map
StoneL2.png Hacked Used a gadget
StoneL2.png Moved Moved to another city
StoneL2.png Personalized Created a profile avatar and edited your description
StoneL2.png Won Land Won a yellow vehicle battle
StoneL3.png Dominated Land Win a non-yellow land battle
StoneL3.png Dominated Sea Win a non-yellow sea battle
StoneL3.png Expanded Expanded your inventory using credits or gold at the shop
StoneL3.png Fished Catch a fish
StoneL3.png Invested Buy a mine
StoneL3.png Won Sea Win a yellow sea battle
StoneL3.png Barreled Extracted a barrel of oil from oilfield
StoneL3.png Extracted Find ore without it getting stolen
StoneL4.png Fired Fire a cannon
StoneL4.png Damaged Damaged another vehicle
StoneL4.png Fused Created a red, purple, or orange meld
StoneL4.png Pillaged Pillage an item en route
StoneL4.png Produced Completed an action at a factory (including building it)
StoneL4.png Salvaged Found a sunken item with bait
StoneL4.png Uncovered Find ore thieves base
StoneL5.png Angled Caught a red, purple, or orange fish
StoneL5.png Cracked Had 180 or more days worth of active gadget time at once
StoneL5.png Decked Found something using a full set of red+ equipment
StoneL5.png Exploited Had a red dwarf mine for you
StoneL5.png Plundered Steal a red+ item
StoneL5.png Smuggled Arrive in a city with a red+ find
StoneL5.png Sunk Sunk another person's ship
StoneL6.png Demolished Found 100 or more things in a single blast
StoneL6.png Extorted Earned a bribe as a bounty hunter or guard
StoneL6.png Forged Melded Ore 5
StoneL6.png Hoarded Your credit report shows over 100k worth in cash equity
StoneL6.png Reclaimed Fished up a red+ treasure
StoneL6.png Slaughtered Wiped out an entire red, purple, or orange ship's crew with grape shot
StoneL6.png Torpedoed Sink another's red, purple, or orange ship