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Your inventory contains (almost) everything you have in MineThings.

Viewing your inventory

Your inventory can be viewed in two ways. First is from the Things page, on the left bar. This can only be done to your own inventory, and is in 'real time' and includes items hidden by the armory gadget. The second way is by viewing your profile. The quickest way to view your own profile is to click on your name at the top of the screen. This page, even if you view your own inventory, is not updated automatically. The standard delay on the inventory here is 50 minutes, but this increases to 120 minutes (2h) when the person you're viewing has an armory gadget active.

You can see when it updates next at the bottom of the screen, and you can deduce the time since the last update via this as well, since you can usually tell if someone has an armory active by looking at their contents.


The armory gadget hides all your weapons, mods and ammo from public viewing. They still show up in your 'things inventory', but no longer appear on your profile. They also don't count towards global inventory, so people cannot count how many of these three types of items you have.

Inventory limit

In MineThings, your inventory is not unlimited. You start with 50 inventory limit, and there are several ways to increase this. Various inventory containers can be bought with credits or gold at the shop tab, the warehouse gadget gives a temporary boost and having an avatar (only border, background and model are needed) increases the limit slightly.

Object Inventory limit given
Starting inventory 50
Chest 25
Shelf 50
Bureau 50
Lockbox 50
Safe 50
Cellar 50
Vault 50
Active avatar 25
Active warehouse 125

Inventory containers stack with each other, but not with themselves. This means that (for example) two chests still only adds 25 to your inventory limit, but a chest and a shelf adds 75 to your inventory limit. Spares of a type can be sold to other players, but you must have more than one to be able to sell!