The BLU-82 Mining Corporation

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The BLU-82 Mining Corporation (also known as the BLU-82 Corporation, The BLU-82s, BLU-82, BLU, or simply The Corp) is one of the oldest and most successful guilds in MineThings. It is also a group that is the target of a great deal of controversy. Many consider the BLU-82 Corporation to be an enemy due to the fact that they have been so successful at organizing a very small group of individuals, who simply set out to play the game together, into an influential group within MineThings.

Known Members

Note: Inactive members listed at the bottom. All other names are listed alphabetically.

  • Bigrig73
  • DickBalls
  • Grungeking
  • Kai641
  • Manifest (retired)
  • navan
  • neaera
  • R Chicken
  • RedTrev
  • Scatz
  • Adagiorgasm (inactive)
  • Levethix (Founder, inactive)
  • SilbySoft (inactive)
  • sportsfan (inactive)

Background Information

  • Founded August 17th, 2009, with the original members Levethix, Manifest, Bigrig73, and navan.
  • Known more casually as "The Corp" or simply "BLU" or "BLU-82."
  • One of the few guilds in MineThings with significant accomplishments.
  • Perhaps the most selective guild in the game choosing members who have great potential to contribute intelligent ideas and, to a lesser extent, resources. Members are not necessarily recruited on the grounds of how much they have upon joining as the guild practices a strict recruitment policy of quality players over both quantity of players and quantity of resources.
  • Originally founded by Levethix, who has gone inactive
  • Known for some major robberies including but not limited to:
    • 2 BLU-82s (stolen by scatz from deathdoer1)
    • 12 reds, 34 blues, & 4 greens (stolen by scatz from Ned)
    • 1 ANFO
    • 1 Clarinet
    • 1 Oboe
    • 1 Trumpet
    • 1 Bluefin Tuna
    • 1 Herring
    • 1 Nutmeg
    • 1 Pro-Digital Camcorder
    • 4 Red Starter Items
    • 3 Crafted Equipments
    • 7 Hardy Equipments
    • 17 Ore
    • 20k gold from deathdoer1 after the BLU-82 robbery incident
    • Countless weapons and other items unlisted due to lack of information

    Attacks on The BLU-82 Mining Corporation

    • One of the two know coordinated attacks against The BLU-82s was perpetrated by the "Vengeance Guild," a now defunct guild which had been formed to target a specific member, Manifest, but fell apart when Manifest found out about them.
    • The 2nd coordinated "attack" on the BLU-82 Corp. was "The Company", The Company is a group of investors, workers and manufacturers that work to build search planes are helicopters to take ore from the base without bombing it. This reduces the income of the BLU-82s. "The Company" has only managed to inflict a small impact on one ore base run which, reportedly, still turned out to be a net-gain for The Corp. Since then it is suspected that The Corp was tipped off to their existence (by an unknown player) and halted all subsequent ore runs with no rush to continue.
    • Many non-coordinated attempts have occurred, but been foiled.

    The BLU-82 Mining Corporation's Trustworthiness

    "The Corp. can be trusted. I speak as a player and non blu participant. I paid Kai a small 2000g to get 10000g worth of equipment from Harmond to Cissina. It was cheap, reliable, and safe. I would trust kai or any other blu members with this responsibility. But beware, they are not a charity organization, they have been known to backstab, but if you're a simple player, you will have no problem at all."

    It should be noted that however that, for several months (if not the better part of a year), The Corp has made a commitment not to steal items from other players by way of deception (e.g. they won't offer to ship something for you and just take it). However as mentioned above they are not a charity organization and will pillage valuable items if the opportunity arises.

    Other groups and Guilds

    Thieve's Guild Highwayman and Pirates ?^-^ This is a freely open group, all new members are welcome.

    Bugs Guild A group for anyone with a bugs mine or frequent bug traders. Apply to join. This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Equipment Guild For Equipment Miners, required to have at least 1 equipment mine to join This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Friends of BLU-82 Corp. This is a guild where all friends of the BLU-82 Corp. can come hang out, ask for favors, discuss things and have fun :)

    It is open to application - but is not a free guild. Feel free to apply and PM either Scatz or Manifest your reasons for wanting to join. This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Great British Guild For all those living in the UK, come join the guild! This is an open group, members can apply to join. Hunter's Guild This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Leaders Guild Top 3 Meld Holders | Once in, Always in. This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Lucky Guild This guild is mostly for bragging about good luck. There is also some stat finding. (disbanded) This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Manufactoria A freelance Factory Market. If you own a factory, or need factory items, sign up! We'll be glad to have you. This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Noob Guild Feel free to join this guild if you're looking for help with anything; or are curious about any aspects of the game! This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    The Highwayman Guild Requirements to join: - Good, growing vehicle fleet - Regular Highwaymanning - Proof of a Blue or higher loot This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    USA Guild Do you live in the USA? If the answer is yes, than this is the guild for you. If the answer is no, then forget it. The guild is seeking more players, so any US citizen is welcome. This is an open group, members can apply to join.

    Data group Working on gathering data. Fishing, mining, explosives. You name it, we'll take it!

    This is a closed group, new members can only join upon invitation of a group leader.