The BLU-82 Mining Corporation

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== Known Members ==
  • Levethix(Original Founder)
  • Manifest
  • navan
  • Bigrig73
  • Scatz
  • SilbySoft
  • RedTrev
  • sportsfan
  • Adagiorgasm
  • Kai641
  • R Chicken

Background Information

  • Founded August 17th, 2009, with the original members Levethix, Manifest, Bigrig73, and navan.
  • Perhaps the only guild that has ever actually accomplished anything besides the recruiting squad lead by capitalisom. (hunters guild)
  • Originally founded by Levethix, who has gone inactive
  • Very exclusive, choosing players they know have power and respect in the game
  • Known for some major robberies including but not limited to:
    • 2 BLU-82's stolen in one shipment from deathdoer1 by Scatz, the most famous robbery to date
    • 1 ANFO
    • 1 Clarinet
    • 1 Oboe
    • 1 Trumpet
    • 1 Bluefin Tuna
    • 1 Herring
    • 1 Nutmeg
    • 1 Pro-Digital Camcorder
    • 4 Red Starter Items
    • 3 Crafted Equipments
    • 7 Hardy Equipments
    • 17 Ore
    • 20k gold from deathdoer1 after the BLU-82 robbery incident
    • Countless weapons unlisted due to lack of information

    Attacks on the BLU-82 Guild

  • Only known coordinated attempt, the "Vengeance Guild" fell apart when Manifest found out about them, and only targeted Manifest
  • Many non-coordinated attempts have occurred, but been foiled

    Blu's Trustworthyness

    The Corp. can be trusted. I speak as a player and non blu participant. I paid Kai a small 2000g to get 10000g worth of equipment from Harmond to Cissina. It was cheap, reliable, and safe. I would trust kai or any other blu members with this responsibility. But beware, they are not a charity organization, they have been known to backstab, but if you're a simple player, you will have no problem at all.