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Backround Information

  • The Company is a guild compised of investors, manufacturers, and workers, that build search planes and helicopters in an attempt to take ore from the base without bombing it.
  • The most probable date for the founding of The Company is April 5th 2010, it was founded by Foolproof.
  • Probably one of the few guilds that have ever accomplished anything.
  • Probably the most Enron-esque of all the guilds.
  • The Company also has a Board of Directors, people that have 20 shares (A share can be bought from the company for 1k, and allow's the owner to collect gold at the end of any month that dividends are paid.) and have been elected, they are as follows:
    • BertyBandit
    • lordbubbly
    • Foolproof
    • devo16
    • Foolproof
    • jaman
    • Foggles
    • invictus12
    • megadude
    • Wario
    • Bob1234567890X (bought no shares)
    • spineguy
    • Jaxom
    • Sam1324
    • lordbubbly
    • Man O War
    • brett
    • Bertybandit
    • devo16
    • Thirdarm
    • goldminer
    • miner43
    • bamajj