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Trading is one of the main Professions in Minethings, and is a fundamental aspect of the game. This term encompasses both Merchanting (by sea) and Trading (by land).

Why Trade?

While not as safe as Hunting, Trading still provides a large opportunity for income and is nowhere near as risky as Pirating. For example, yellow explosives can be bought in Cissna for around 15-20g and can be resold in Harmond for 25g (Prices may change). That is a 25% profit gain! Trading occurs by land as well as by sea, though the ocean has the extra risk of being sunk by Pirates.


A trader wants a fast vehicle for his/her journey in order to travel more quickly and to avoid getting caught by enemies.

The most commonly used strategy for trading is "bubbling", in which the trader surrounds the vehicle(s) with multiple empty vehicles behind and in front of it to protect it.

Another way to increase safety is to take alternative routes. Instead of taking the faster, direct route from Burbana to Cissna, you jump to Pirates Peak instead. These routes are less patrolled by pirates, and thus you are less likely to be hit. However, the drawback in this is the increase in route distance.

Using Radar also helps to track down and avoid enemies.

Trading Risks

The biggest risk is being caught, and losing your valuables. Personal experience of losses teaches you something. For instance, one finds their first valuable, red item). They get an offer for it, at twice its value, in another city(say Cissna to Harmond). You decide, that you should just risk everything and send it over, without checking pirates activity and such first. You then suddenly lose the item. You will get over it, but it is better to avoid this.

By Sea

At sea, a bigger risk is incurred due to the potential loss of ships and higher pirate/guard ratio. Remember to focus on speed at sea, since battles here are much harder to take control of (considering the sea's pirates).

By Land

Trading on land is in some ways safer, due to the fact that there are more "shields" on the roads, and more dangerous, since there are more enemies on the roads. Be ever vigilant, because even a sports car can be caught! Traveling in a bubble by land is generally safe due to the routes being well-traveled.

The major highwaymen are navan and Scatz.