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The unOfficial Bank of Minethings (UOBoMT), led by Furiouszap, is a place for newer miners to get loans. Loans are often for money needed to get a new mine, or loaning a mine itself. The UOBoMT is not officially supported by the maker of Minethings, Japhet.



The unOfficial Bank of Minethings was started at some time in either late 2010 or early 2011 by Furiouszap. It was made to help newer players get loans.


The uOBoMT, however, did not make all happy. Some believed it would take away a new person's experience of the tough new times. However, there were not many people who agreed with this.

Subforum creation

Despite a few protests, the maker of Minethings, Japhet, made a subforum for the uOBoMT. The official unOfficial Bank of Minethings topic was put in there and several other topics regarding asking for loans.

Moving of the subforum

However, after the creation of the Aso and Bromo subforums, Japhet decided the uOB0MT subforum was creating too much clutter, and so after locking the subforum, Japhet moved the topics in it to either the Aso or Bromo subforums and requested for people to ask for loans there.

How loans work

Because there was no official way to loan money, people loaned money by having the loanee list an almost worthless item for however much the loan was. When the loaner bought it, it gave the loanee the money. For paying back the money, the interest was payed back the same way, except with the loaner selling and the loanee buying. The loanee could manage paying back the money because the money was often for a mine, and it was much more easier with a doubled BPH.


A problem with this way was that the game's shill detector might think that the loaner's account and the loanee's account were managed by the same person, which could sometimes cause either account to be reset.


With the addition of Banking as a profession, negotiating your loan became as easy as clicking the Banking tab on the left and filling out a loan application with the Bank(s) of your choice. Because these large gold transfers are now done within the game's own mechanics, the shill detector is no longer an issue for loans.