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In Aso Vehicles can be mined from the Vehicles mine in Burbana or bought on the market. Currently there is no way for vehicles to get to Daigard unless a damaged vehicle is repaired there.

In Bromo vehicles are mined in Icebirch. To get a vehicle to Ore valley or Bonosari a damaged vehicle must be transported on a ship and then repaired.



The attributes of a vehicle are different to those of a Ship

  • Speed - How fast a vehicle travels, in km/h
  • Attack - The base attack stat of the vehicle
  • Armor - The base defense stat of the vehicle
  • Capacity - How many items a vehicle can hold
  • Dodge - The ability to lower an aggressor's offense or defender's defense
  • Offense - The total offensive strength of carried weapons
  • Defense - The total defensive strength of carried weapons

Attack, Armor, Dodge, Offense, and Defense can be modified by attaching Mods to the vehicle, which also takes up a portion of the vehicle's capacity.

Vehicle Reference

This chart lists all known vehicles in the game with brief comments about their usefulness. Organized by speed. Updated last on 10/8/2012.

Another guide by Bob1234567890X is here: [1]

Vehicle Color Speed Capacity Attack Armor Attack + Armor Remarks
VehiclesL6.png Thing 3 Orange 75 10 8.8 97 105.8 Fastest Vehicle in the game. Low capacity, high attack.
VehiclesL6.png Flatbed Orange 75 16 0 30 30 Equal fastest vehicle in game, higher capacity, but very weak armor
VehiclesL5.png Scout Purple 75 13 4 65 69 Equal fastest vehicle in game, great for trading.
VehiclesL4.png Bandit Red 70 11 4.4 41 45.4 Awesome for catching sports cars.
VehiclesL6.png Jumper Orange 65 14 4.8 145 149.8
VehiclesL5.png Tank Purple 60 9 9.6 105 114.6 This thing is a, well, a tank! Highest base stats, but low capacity. Very good at guarding and it is a decent vehicle for trading

valuables except for its low capacity.

VehiclesL5.png Snowplow Purple 60 16 6 25 31
VehiclesL4.png Ambulance Red 60 7 5 100 105
VehiclesL3.png Roadster Blue 60 10 1.8 49 50.8 Replaced the Sports Car. Is also the fastest vehicle in the blue/green tier (exception on Aso), which makes it great for trading and pillaging.
VehiclesL6.png AFV Orange 55 14 2 249 251 Second highest armor and decent capacity. Useful for all professions.
VehiclesL5.png Gun Car Purple 50 15 4 105 109 Great for anybody. Great all-around vehicle.
VehiclesL4.png Milk Truck Red 50 12 2.8 89 91.8 Good all around vehicle.
VehiclesL6.png Assault Truck Orange 45 20 4 81 85 Great capacity! When fully loaded it is a truly awesome vehicle.
VehiclesL6.png Champion Orange 45 7 4 280 284 Highest armor of all vehicles, but has a small capacity and low attack, bringing down it's usefulness. Still a nice reward for having the #1 ranked vehicle at the end of a season.
VehiclesL5.png Armored Limo Purple 45 14 0.8 201 201.8 Very high armor and decent capacity. It is probably best used as a guarding vehicle.
VehiclesL4.png Bus Red 45 15 0 73 73 Good guard if loaded with weapons.
VehiclesL2.png Van Green 45 7 1.6 25 26.6 Good for transporting in bubbles.
VehiclesL3.png Sidecar Motorcycle Blue 40 12 2.8 25 27.8 Nice Guard/Highwayman vehicle.
VehiclesL3.png Chopper Blue 40 6 7 80 87
VehiclesL3.png Short Bus Blue 35 9 0 121 121 Good armor, nice trader vehicle.
VehiclesL2.png Scooter Green 35 9 0 49 49 Faster than the Go Kart and Golf Cart but not very useful. Can also be use for huge, cheap bubbles.
VehiclesL2.png Stagecoach Green 35 5 8 25 33 Low capacity, but the high attack makes it good for cheap hunting
VehiclesL4.png Seige Tower Red 30 13 1.6 161 162.6 Speed bump, but great for traders who cant afford sports cars due to its high defense.
VehiclesL3.png Tractor Blue 30 15 0 25 25 Highest capacity in the blue/green tier. Which makes a decent vehicle for hunting down highwaymen, since you are able to throw in lot's of weapons or install many mods.
VehiclesL2.png Go Kart Green 30 9 1.6 33 34.6 Slightly faster than Golf Cart. Fairly good for beginners to hunt with.
VehiclesL2.png Golf Cart Green 25 9 1.2 57 58.2 Highest base attack/defense then the other greens, but slower. Not very good for much, but decent for hunting.
VehiclesL1.png Rickshaw Yellow 25 5 0.2 4 4.2 Cheap way of discovering other cities, and decent for transporting yellow goods
VehiclesL1.png Unicycle Yellow 23 1 1.6 8 9.6 Cheap way of discovering other cities.
VehiclesL1.png Jalopy Yellow 21 3 0 25 25 Cheap way of discovering other cities.
VehiclesL1.png Camel Yellow 19 4 0.7 6 6.7 Cheap way of discovering other cities.
VehiclesL1.png Donkey Yellow 15 7 0 0 0 Cheap way of discovering other cities.

Only the speed graph has been updated with the above data

Vehicles by speed.png Vehicles by attack.png Vehicles by armor.png Vehicles by combo.png

Analysis By Color

Yellow Vehicles

Because the yellow vehicles are treated differently from green+ vehicles, here is a brief analysis of the yellow vehicles with their uses

Vehicle Speed (km/hr) Capacity Attack Armor Remarks
VehiclesL1.png Rickshaw 18 5 0.2 4 Easily the best yellow vehicle - fastest, reasonable capacity, although the low attack will require 1-2 weapons/mods to offset
VehiclesL1.png Unicycle 16 1 1.6 8 Very fast, but no capacity, or armor means it's only really good for discovering cities quickly or very weak highwaymaning/guarding
VehiclesL1.png Jalopy 14 3 0 25 With a low capacity and no attack the jalopy is not worth the effort except for discovering cities
VehiclesL1.png Camel 12 4 0.7 6 Moderate attack and armor, but the low capacity makes it difficult to carry much
VehiclesL1.png Donkey 8 7 0 0 Largest yellow capacity, but not worth the wait or danger of using - only good for new players to discover of cities


Speed: 18 Capacity: 5 Attack: 0.2 Armor: 4

Trader - The Rickshaw has a median capacity (donkey is best at 7, unicycle worst at 1). It is the fastest yellow vehicle. This makes it unparalleled as the choice for yellow traders of moderate volume because the speed means you will generally outrun highwaymen and quickly move between cities. The attack and defense are mostly ignorable - even with a Turbo Engine a unicycle can't catch you (16 * 1.10 = 17.6, less than the Rickshaw's 18)

Highwayman - Of course, Rickshaws make the best choice for yellow highwaymen as well. Without a Rickshaw, Highwaymen will be constantly outrun by yellow traders Rickshaws. The capacity offers enough slots for a weapon or two as well as a little extra for spoils, and the inherent attack is better than the inherent armor, making it in the Highwayman's favor when fighting Rickshaw-to-Rickshaw.


Speed: 16 Capacity: 1 Attack: 1.6 Armor: 8

Trader - The Unicycle makes a very poor trading vehicle - the single capacity means you'll need 5 times as many unicycles as rickshaws to have the same capacity, and you'll still travel slowly. This is not a trading vehicle

Highwayman - The Unicycle's only benefit is its high attack. At 1.6 is is very difficult for a rickshaw to carry enough to adequately defend (Rickshaw base defense of 1, plus 4 slots for yellow weapons = 5 total defense with no cargo). Of course, that point is moot because even with a turbo engine a unicycle can't catch a rickshaw. That means unicycles are only good for attacking camels and donkeys. The higher speed means they will have an easy time catching them, but it will take 8 unicycles to empty one camel.

In short, get a Rickshaw.


Speed: 12 Capacity: 4 Attack: 0.7 Armor: 6

Trader - Camels are both slower and have a lower capacity than the rickshaw. Despite the higher attack and armor, you'd need more of them and wait longer for travel with camels. Consider rickshaws instead as they and are far less susceptible to attack and will get your goods there sooner.

Highwayman - Same goes for highwayman with camels, upgrade to rickshaws. The only thing a camel can catch is camels and donkeys, and with only 4 slots, you can't take much of the spoils with you.


Speed: 8 Capacity: 7 Attack/Defense: 0

Donkeys are inferior to camels in every way except the higher capacity, but you could send a rickshaw there and back in less time than it takes to send a donkey there. So just go with the rickshaw.



  1. Go the fast route. Use rickshaws with two/three defensive weapons. You will outrun anything but another rickshaw. With two/three defensive weapons you'll beat anything but another rickshaw with more or equal weapons


  1. You could go the slow route, as speed isn't a factor in your profession, but why? Use a rickshaw with a few weapons


  1. Again, use a rickshaw. Any slower vehicle will miss out on traders who are smart enough to use a rickshaw. Load up two weapons - this will give you good odds to beat any traders, even odds against any guards, and enough space to get something out of it

For more information the Yellow Vehicle Combat Guide goes into a lot of detail about the game mechanics and how to successfuly trade, guard or HM with yellow vehicles.

Green Vehicles

The problem with green vehicles is that they are treated as being in the same category as all other colors (except yellow) but they aren't repairable. That means that you can get attacked by far superior vehicles and if they damage you your vehicle is gone. On the flip side, since you can only be targeted by color most people will not target you because green means you are likely poor and uninteresting. Also, since greens are far more abundant than any other color, you can usually get them for very cheap.

Vehicle Color Speed (km/hr) Capacity Attack Armor Attack + Armor Remarks Suggested Profession!
VehiclesL2.png Van Green 80 7 4 0 4 High speed, low capacity, no armor. Good for transporting in bubbles. Trader
VehiclesL2.png Scooter Green 55 9 0 3 3 Reasonably fast, decent capacity, acceptable armor Trader
VehiclesL2.png Go Kart Green 40 9 4 1 5 Slightly faster than Golf Cart. Fairly good for beginners to hunt with Highwayman
VehiclesL2.png Golf Cart Green 30 9 3 4 7 Highest combined Attack+Armor, but slower. Not very good for much, but acceptable for hunting Guard


Trader - Highest speed of any green makes it a shoe-in for traders. The speed actually puts it 9/23 in terms of speed, and ahead all blue vehicles in speed except the Roadster. The zero armor suggests making it part of large, cheap bubbles. Unfortunately, the capacity is quite low, tied for 3rd worst with the Donkey, so you'll need a lot.

Highwayman - It's fast, as mentioned above. This makes it decent for countering bubbles (The cheapness helps here too). It's attack is quite average, and the low capacity means you won't be using a lot of weapons and getting many spoils. It's basic Attack+Armor rating is in the bottom third. Basically, not that useful

Guards - Speed is always handy, but the low combined Attack+Armor and capacity makes it a poor choice for a guard

Discontinued Vehicles

Sports Car (replaced by Roadster) - Exact same stats as the Roadster, except 180 speed instead of 120.

Travel Routes

See the page for each server